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Diary of a Junior Designer #4


Each month Fashion-Enter’s Junior Designer based in Leicester, Brooke Tate will be giving us an inside view of her role with the company and what her job entails…

Diary entry #4:

End of what was a very hot week for everyone but we can’t complain it was gorgeous sunshine. Finally can get those summer dresses and freshly painted toes out and about! I had a lovely end to the week with a Factory visit to Trade Fashion Factory in Thurmaston who finally got to reopen since the local lock down! It felt very safe and clean and was super tidy and organised!

My meeting was with Conrad who was so helpful and knowledgeable on what was working at the moment in the industry and what goodness is about to hit us!! They had some gorgeous fabrics ranging from glam, to flowery print to the wild exciting animal print with a twist! I felt very inspired whilst visiting and just wanted to get to work straight away with designing for the new season and new trends!

Whilst I was there they showed me around the factory where they do all their fabrics development in house. That be printing, spinning and experimenting with the new trends and textures. Walking around the factory seeing all the process is so exciting to see, since being in the knitwear industry for a while before joining Fashion Enter it’s superb to see all new techniques and different production processes it’s really broadening my knowledge and experience with another side of the fashion industry that I love!  

From my visit I have looked through their hangers in their show rooms and picked out some of my favourite swatches ready for the girls back in London to receive a parcel with a box filled with the best picks by me! From today’s visit I have picked out some basic ribs and everyday textures that you can’t go wrong with, deliciously  soft and perfect for next season or everyone’s favourite lounge suit that lock down has made us go crazy about! Then to contrast with that some great glam numbers that will be perfect for our going out pieces, loving all things shimmery and shiny this season, perfect for the sun to shine on! Then to finish it off, some wild animal prints that is still so successful this season. But with a difference, animal print with textures is so exciting and gives the whole look a completely different feel!

Overall another great factory visit and it feels good getting more connections and getting our hands on more great fabrics to work with!

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