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Diary of a Junior Designer #3


Each month Fashion-Enter’s Junior Designer based in Leicester, Brooke Tate will be giving us an inside view of her role with the company and what her job entails…

Diary entry #3: Today I have been in a glitz and glam heaven! Surrounded by sparkly fabrics and beautiful shimmers. For today’s factory visit I was on the hunt for high shine glam fabrics and glitter. What a dream! I visited ‘Fashion Fabrics’ again in Leicester and had a ball. Sadly some parts of Leicester are still in local lockdown so PPE and social distancing is still in place and many factories have shut to slow down the spread of the virus.

Fortunately for me, Fashion Fabrics remains partly open and their selection of fabrics for all things glam and glittery was fabulous. They showed me fabric swatches that could potentially be great for the tailoring we wish to achieve this season – disco fabrics that shimmer in the sunset. These are perfect for our current moodboard for going-out dresses and all things glam and fancy!

Got a special event in place now lockdown has lifted? Keep your eye out and nab up all things fancy for it! We are looking at designing dresses and going-out outfits focusing on show-stopping tailoring, who doesn’t love a well-fitted shimmery suit!

Fashion Fabrics are great to work with, they know exactly what they can offer us and are very truthful about what they can achieve and deliver for us. No time wasting and great communication. Since lockdown and the stressful times the factories have been put through Fashion Fabrics are still going strong and helping us as much as they possibly can! It’s wonderful to see businesses still striving for the best quality and top performance whilst taking good care of their staff and quests like myself when I come in and visit them. I highly recommend them!

More from me next time!

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