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Jessica Antonio is the creative brainchild behind Portuguese-based fashion label J-ANT. The upcoming brand aspires to endeavour the rebirth of craftsmanship and handmade quality throughout the world of fashion. J-ANT is proud to pioneer sustainability, where garments are constructed locally in her studio, located in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where the overriding concept is to implement a zero waste policy and to creatively manipulate leftover materials to design ground-breaking textile possibilities.

“As a brand we strive for a craftsmanship revival in the fashion industry of today,” vocalises the designer, outlining the brand’s philosophy. “We hope to re-encourage society to appreciate handmade quality as well as uniqueness. Thus making the consumer aware of the negative impact fast fashion has upon the environment and even our lives”, continues Jessica.

J-ANT reveals its identity as being a slow fashion brand that fundamentally focuses on the importance of textile developments, which are artfully embodied in a true traditional approach. Jessica highlights a series of handmade techniques that are considered as beautiful, such as silk printing, smocking, embroidery amongst others. Despite encompassing a classical method in relation to its design element, aesthetics of innovative composition and ensuring the visual desirability of each and every garment are noted factors that are always accounted for during the process of creation. Collections that translate as being original and well-made are additional vital contributing components.

Images courtesy of J-ANT and Team Peter Stinter from the ‘Amid Cultures’ collection

Concentration is made on the local production of exclusive jackets, items that are rich in detail, which is subsequently a slow process to produce, albeit, are individual and unique. Qualitative wardrobe staples are also being accounted for in the near feature, including the manufacturing of dresses, tops, jumpsuits, and pants, which will evoke interest to a variety of consumers.

J-ANT’s latest collection is depicted from a personal journey that infuses cultural behaviours, with a significant emphasis on material and silhouette. Organic influences extracted from nature’s structures are portrayed throughout, laced in a beautiful tonal palette of nudes and pastels. An abundant of ruffles, ruching, and layering are delectably displayed throughout the ‘Amid Cultures’ collection.

Words by Katie Farley

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