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Cutting Through The Fads to Find Fashion Inspiration


Fashion trends are constantly changing. What is popular one year might completely disappear the next. And while the trends around us constantly change, our style also does. With so much to consider, it is easy to fall into the rabbit hole of trends and fads, with the differences between the two starting to blur. 

But finding fashion inspiration doesn’t have to be so complicated or overwhelming. While there are endless options to learn from and observe, it is relatively easy to narrow down the resources you choose to use. As a result, incorporating unique pieces like a kimono robe or leather jacket while avoiding the fads of one season can transform your look.

Start Where Things Are Familiar

If you are completely lost as where to start your fashion journey, start with things close to home, like your friends and family. Chances are, at least one person in your life has some knowledge about fashion or a style they like to follow. In addition, they can share helpful tips and explain where their own inspiration stems from. 

While they don’t need to have the exact style you are hoping to mimic, it helps tremendously if you admire how they dress. This will be your reference point and help give you direction moving forward. It is easy to get caught up with the fashion choices of our favourite celebrities, but with people in your real life, you have the chance to communicate with them and learn more. 

Explore All Fashion Choices

If there is a celebrity or influencer you admire and hope to emulate somehow, you will likely need more money or connections to copy their more glamorous looks. Additionally, you might not have the inclination to do so either. 

In this case, look at their ‘off-duty’ style or street style. These looks are usually a more accurate representation of their taste and likely have budget-friendly alternatives for you. Furthermore, you can see how the outfit looks in everyday wear. 

Use the Internet

The internet truly is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s mind-blowing how much information is available at our fingertips. For this reason, using it to google and explore fashion trends and styles you like is a no-brainer. You can be as specific as you like with your searches, and there are countless articles, videos, and media options giving step-by-step instructions to get there. 

Regardless of your body type, gender, skin tone or budget, you will find real-life examples of everything you want to try, allowing you to see exactly how it will look on a body just like yours. To narrow your searches, seek out bloggers and fashion stylists you respect and admire. 

Check Out Runway Shows

If you have ever watched a runway show, you might have needed clarification about what was happening at some point. This isn’t your usual ready to wear pieces, as fashion weeks are the grand stages for designers to go all out. 

But this eccentric, over-the-top spectacle is the prime place to search for inspiration. If anyone is going to have out-of-the-box thinking about fashion, it will be a designer. So use this to your advantage by gaining an idea of what the newest trends are going to be. From here, you can follow them more closely and see how people choose to wear and style them.

Window Shop

You might have done a lot of window shopping when you were younger and had no money to buy anything, but employing this pastime to check out boutiques and designer stores in your area will greatly help you. You can gain an idea of what is trending in your country and see how the store designers choose to style and layer the pieces. 

Window shopping is possible for online websites, too, as many will post lookbooks or photo previews of the items on real people. In addition, as fashion becomes more inclusive, more brands are choosing to showcase the same clothing piece over various body shapes, allowing everyone to be represented. 

Look Beyond Fashion

Inspiration for your wardrobe can come from something other than fashion itself. You can look beyond this world to nature, animals, the galaxy and the colour wheel to find something new to try. After all, designers gain their inspiration from the real world and doing so yourself will allow you to uniquely customised your wardrobe to yourself alone. 


Sometimes you have to get yourself completely out of your comfort zone to find the inspiration you are searching for. And what better way to incorporate a new world into your own than through travel. What a lot of people sometimes need to remember is that trends reach countries at different times. Not only this, but local market demand and seasonal weather largely influence what people choose to wear and what becomes available. 

Travelling overseas, especially to countries with different climates and demographics to your own, can open up an entirely new world of choices and influence. And thanks to the internet, if a plane ticket is a little too expensive, it is all available at your fingertips. 

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