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Creating a Customisable Brand Staple – Sweatshirts For Women


Sweatshirts have become an inclusive wardrobe staple and present in various market sectors from high street brands to sports and designer labels. Street style and casual garments have become prevalent in day-to-day outfits for men and women, with sweatshirts and hoodies in particular, combining comfort with modern style.

Sweatshirts for women are now regarded as an everyday classic in the fashion world, with designs that can vary from elegant and simple to sporty and casual. They are timeless items of clothing that every woman – regardless of age, figure and fashion preferences – can style to create a wide variety of looks. 

The cut of women’s sweatshirts can be loose, straight or tapered and close-fitting. Additional details can include fashionable bell sleeves, zips, hoods and collars. Not least because of the high level of comfort, the sweatshirt and fashionable hoodie can span across the seasons as an essential layering piece. The most popular material, a mix of cotton and polyester makes them elastic, warm and soft. While 100% cotton or bamboo provide natural alternatives.

Along with the t-shirt brands today offer countless designs of this basic garment that will appeal to many wardrobes, varying in print, colour and fit to create a comfortable and modern style appropriate for numerous occasions. Women’s designer sweatshirts are very effective for brands with a young to mid-age target market, particularly as they can be easily customised to incorporate brand logo’s, slogans, designs and messages.

A good marketing idea is to customise a limited-edition of sweatshirts in different sizes and colours, with a brand logo / design and to give them away as a promotional product to loyal customers, perhaps via a rewards program, or as a promotional gift product with the purchase of another item.

There are many ways to include sweatshirts in marketing campaigns as they can be styled up or down and are an easy go-to clothing item of choice. As digital printing technology develops the option to print on-demand customised sweatshirts has never been easier. Other wardrobe staples such as t-shirts, hoodies or zippered sweatshirts can be quickly updated with a brand logo and design in a matter of minutes. 

Additional details such as long button strips, decorative zips and embroidery soften the look that works well with jeans. Sweatshirts with a ribbed hem and collar are practical and at the same time offer a sports-inspired ultra-modern look. Tweaking this fashion staple the design can be glammed up with sequin details, lace panels and metallic prints while a simple logo or print can give a nod to the sweatshirts urban roots. As a blank canvas it serves as an ideal starting point for any brand to include in their collection. 

Images courtesy of The Double F

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