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Congratulations to FEL Apprentice Carmelle


Fashion-Enter Ltd’s Level 4 apprentice in Fashion and Textiles Product Technology, Carmelle Gayle Powell, has just received her end-point assessment from the Skills and Education Group (SEG) and we are pleased to announce that she has received a Pass.

The SEG assessor stated in the final report that:  Carmelle was confident and passionate throughout her presentation and professional. Her presentation was clear and concise, her timing was excellent.’ 

Carmelle was awarded an overall Pass, as she demonstrated a good understanding of the returns process and provided an example of sharing this information with the Brand manager to improve sales/returns ratio in the future.

Carmelle was awarded Apprentice of the Year 2022. L to R: Jenny Holloway, Lord Young, Ana Cover, Louis Christian Pendegrass and Carmelle

Carmelle had some very difficult personal circumstances to manage during her apprenticeship however, she has persevered and gained much-needed skills to provide an excellent foundation for a career in the fashion sector.

She commented: “I am elated to have completed my Level 4 product technologist apprenticeship at Fashion-Enter, where I have learnt so much about the world of garment technology and the fashion industry as a whole. With great confidence in my technologist skills, I feel that the opportunities that now lay before me are endless.

“I would like to thank all the team I worked with at Fashion-Enter for your support along my journey. A special thank-you to the pattern room team and my wonderful senior garment technologist, Sonia Watson, with whom I developed an excellent skillset, that has truly prepared me for a bright career ahead. Also, to my previous apprenticeship tutor Louis-Christian Pendegrass, who imparted his extensive industry knowledge and was immensely supportive to my progress.

“I am deeply thankful to Jenny Holloway for believing in me and giving me this wonderful opportunity to develop my knowledge and continue to complete my course whilst managing the bereavement of my dear Mother; who I know is very proud of me for persevering through adversity to this achievement.”

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