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Choosing the Right Paper Packaging to Showcase Your Brand


Are you a fashion business owner looking for a way to make an outstanding first impression? What better way to leave that remarkable impression than with the perfect packaging? Paper bags are an ideal packaging solution. Paper bags can be manufactured from recycled paper. They are lightweight and strong, making them suitable for all kinds of businesses. Bestbuyenvelopes provides a variety of paper bags that are affordable and of the best quality. 

Choosing the Right Paper Bag For Your Business

When selecting paper carrier bags for your business, there are several factors to consider, especially when it comes to your branding and aesthetic appeal of the packaging. Below are the things to consider as a business owner:

To make the right decisions on paper bags for your business, you need to know about the different types available. This article examines the importance of materials, size, and design of the paper bag.

Types of Paper Bag Materials

The choice of materials for your branded paper bags can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your packaging. Below are some common types of paper bag materials:

Kraft Paper 

Kraft paper is made from chemical pulp created during the kraft process and is intended for a variety of packing uses. The paper bag is where it is used most commonly. It is stable and traditionally more durable than other types of paper bags. Because of its user-friendliness and convenience, numerous businesses use it today. For example, Kraft paper is frequently used to create bags for making envelopes, packaging as well as bags for buying household items.

Given that it is a profuse paper that comes in many colours, Kraft creates one of the finest commercial paper bags. For unique and everyday use, there are numerous options, like virgin organic Kraft paper, naturally reused Kraft paper, decorated Kraft paper, black Kraft paper, coloured Kraft paper, and white or achromatised Kraft paper.

Recycled Paper 

Recycled paper is paper that has been treated and repurposed into a different type of paper product. For example, printed production can convert wasted materials into tissue paper or shopping bags. Recycled papers are cost-efficient and eco-friendly. They help save on production costs as they are not difficult to recycle and are also biodegradable. Opting for recycled paper helps to reduce CO2 emissions and is in-line with environmentally friendly ethics. Using recycled paper can benefit your company by making your brand more ecologically favourable. 

White Cardboard 

This paper type consists of perfectly measured, achromatised chemical pulp in the form of just one surface or multiple surfaces. It has a strong feel and an even surface. Foreign white cardboard is traditionally used more frequently than other materials to create paper bags. Premium gift boxes or bags are traditionally made of imported white cardboard.

Size Matters 

GSM, or grams/square meters, is an estimate of size that considers paper’s weight in grams per square meter. Typically, paper between 35 and 150 GSM is ideal for making paper bags. It is crucial to know that a maker of hand-crafted paper bags may prefer material with a mass of at least 120 GSM or higher. Materials above 120 GSM are sturdy and can handle rigidity with ease. However, you do not need to worry about this if you are not going for hand-crafted paper bags. 

Design Matters 

There are five elements to take into consideration when designing your paper bag packaging. These points are listed below:

Think about the cohesive image you want to project for your brand. If you own a high-end store, your brand name and logo should be designed on sleek paper. Customers who pay a lot of money for products will not be satisfied with frail packaging that may break before they get home. Make your branded paper bags practical and reusable so customers can repurpose rather than discard them. 

The Verdict 

If you consider all the factors above when choosing your paper packaging for your business, you will be on the right path. Remember that a branded paper bag can serve as a vital means of free advertising. This is why it is worth spending time on selecting the right options for your products.

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