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Celebrity Tuxedo Trends That Turn Heads


Celebrities have been leading the charge in recent years when it comes to revitalising the tuxedo game with bold patterns and unique tailoring flourishes. Bidding adieu to the dated notion that formal wear must equate to funereal monotony. These dashing trendsetters understand that true confidence stems from owning one’s individualistic flair of men’s tuxedo, even amidst the stuffiest of dress codes.

Take Timothée Chalamet, for instance — a true maverick of red carpet risk-taking. At the 2022 Venice Film Festival, he turned heads in a subtly shimmering ruby-red backless halter tuxedo adorned with a delicate floral jacquard pattern. Edgy yet elegant, unabashedly sensual while still exuding an air of old-world sophistication. 

Or we could look to the impeccably irreverent Harry Styles rocking a deconstructed tuxedo-cum-caftan hybrid at the 2021 Grammys. The sartorial genius was in the way the flowing, semi-sheer embroidered fabric somehow achieved both louche nonchalance and razor-sharp tailoring precision.

These bold visionaries are providing masterclasses in how to subvert formal dress conventions with a wink and flair for the avant-garde — without ever veering into costumey gaudiness. It’s an intuitive grasp of balancing flamboyance and restraint, modernity and tradition.

Daniel w. Fletcher SS23 by Haydon Perrior

Celebrity fashion advice

For elevating your own dashing black-tie ambitions, I’d suggest starting with one or two key elements that can lend some tasteful razzle-dazzle. A subtly patterned jacquard dinner jacket, perhaps? Or a crisp tuxedo shirt with a hint of embroidered sheen? You could even make a statement with some daring silk accessories like a cummerbund or a pocket square in a rich, jewel-toned hue.

The key is identifying small yet impactful personal twists that elevate the overall ensemble into the sartorial stratosphere. An unexpected pop of colour or luxe textural detail. Unique accouterments like a striking woven silk boutonnière or envelope clutch. Flourishes that spark joy and confidence.

And of course, none of these bold style swerves will matter if the core tailoring and fit isn’t impeccably executed. I’d recommend sourcing a skilled artisan from one of the old-world haberdasheries to ensure your custom pieces achieve that transcendent Savile Row perfection of form and drape. Cutting corners on construction is a non-starter for true bespoke grandeur.

But most importantly? You must commit to your elevated look with equal parts insouciant charisma and dashing bravura. If you shrink from owning those individual stylistic choices, the entire effect will be diminished. True elegance stems from an aura of self-assured poise and joie de vivre.

So go forth and scour the menswear runways, red carpet photo galleries, and street style ‘grammars for inspiration! Gather your uniquely compelling moodboard, then collaborate with a master artisan to construct a black-tie masterpiece that speaks to your personal brand of suave. 

The Double Breasted Comeback

This bold silhouette exudes an undeniable aura of virile power and confidence. There’s something about the broader chest span and peaked lapel construction that projects an almost swashbuckling masculinity. A daring sense of “I’m here to command attention and savour life’s indulgences to the fullest.”

And yet, when executed with restraint and an appreciation for classicism, the double-breasted tux can also epitomise timeless elegance and sophistication. It’s a masterful fusion of brazen charisma and impeccable suiting craftsmanship.

This delicate duality is precisely why so many of Hollywood’s most fashion-forward leading men have been embracing the DB silhouette for their own black-tie turns on the ruby-carpeted catwalks. They understand how to deftly straddle that line between roguish and refined.

Take the ever-dapper Daniel Craig, for instance. At the premiere of his supposed final 007 outing in No Time to Die, the rugged Brit made a statement in a striking double-breasted crimson tuxedo jacket, evoking the bespoke majesty of classic British tailoring. Effortlessly commanding yet never veering into sartorial overcompensation.

Likewise, A-lister Michael B. Jordan set hearts aflutter at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in an iconic Berluti double-breasted tux. The streamlined silhouette highlighted his impeccable physique while the slightly oversized peak lapels added a rakish insouciance. Devastatingly suave without being overly fussy.

Even young style mavens like Timothée Chalamet have gotten in on the DB resurgence. At the Venice Film Festival, he turned heads in a sleek double-breasted jacket with satin peaked lapels. But he wisely tempered the retro-inspired look with slightly cropped trousers and a subtle open shirt, imparting an insouciant modern irreverence.

For your own dashing ambitions, I’d suggest leaning into the inherent strength of the double-breasted’s broad, structured shoulders and nipped-in waist. But avoid anything too boxy or with exaggerated peak lapels that could easily veer into caricature territory. Moderation and precise tailoring is key.

Advice on DB

You could opt for a slightly oversized, lengthier DB jacket for an air of rakish nonchalance. Or go sleeker and more cropped to showcase your physique. Play with elevated textures like lush velvet or sumptuous wool-silk blends. But let the silhouette make the style statement.

Accessorizing should be minimal and refined – perhaps a crisp pleated shirt, a sophisticated tie bar or watch chain, and no-nonsense black dress oxfords. You want to project leading-man gravitas, not showboat flashiness.

And of course, confidence and a touch of rebellious charisma is vital for really pulling off this look. The double-breasted tux makes a bold statement, so you must commit to owning that energy with a blend of old-world sophistication and modern boundary-pushing swagger.

Image by Darien Johnson – pexels.com

Sporty Tuxedos: Beyond Black and Blue

Traditionally, the more somberly-hued tuxedos in shades of midnight blue or jet black have been regarded as the pinnacle of formal sophistication and respectability. They project a certain stately, almost monastic reserve befitting elite white-tie affairs.

But then along came the daring fashion renegades who scoffed at such staid conventions! Audacious visionaries who understood that true confidence and personal flair often stems from unexpected, subversive twists on the classics. Hence, the birth of the “sporty tux” movement.

Now, there’s no single codified definition for what constitutes proper sporty tuxedo attire.

It’s more of a philosophical approach — an irreverent wink at stuffiness by infusing casual textiles, vibrant colours, and deconstructed silhouettes into the formal idiom.

Some of the hallmarks could include a tuxedo jacket crafted from luxe athletic fabrics like silk shantung or cotton piqué knits. Or a traditional wool dinner jacket cheekily reimagined in an electric crimson or cobalt blue hue. Trousers might be swapped for drawstring silk joggers or sleek velvet track pants. Dress codes need not apply!

Essentially, it’s about rejecting the notion that black-tie dressing must equate to funereal solemnity. These sporty riffs introduce a spirited joie de vivre and elegant insouciance to the mix.

The key, however, is ensuring these sartorial gambits are executed with the utmost precision and uncompromising quality of construction. There’s a world of difference between a meticulously-tailored silk shantung tuxedo jacket and some ill-fitting polyester blazer. One oozes provocative panache, the other just looks like a gauche prom rental.

When it comes to pulling off these unexpected formal twists with aplomb, much depends on the specific dress code and overall vibe of the event in question. A buttoned-up charity gala at the Metropolitan Opera House? Probably not the setting for fluorescent orange track pants and a brocade bomber jacket.

However, for artistic galas, fashion fêtes, and any soirée where the overriding ambiance skews towards creative irreverence? Then by all means, use your imagination and let your sartorial freak flag fly! An embroidered velvet blazer paired with crisp wool trousers could be an ideal blend of elegance and insouciance.

You could even make more conventional colours like midnight blue or charcoal grey feel fresh by playing with unique fabric textures and silhouettes. Perhaps a softly draped double-breasted jacket in brushed cotton twill? Or sleek skinny tuxedo trousers with daring side-striped embellishments.

Lean into the inherent contradiction of “sporty” and “formal” with a deliciously devilish wink. But always, always favor exquisite quality and precise tailoring over gaudy gimmickry or costumey amateurism. Strive to provoke and delight in equal measures.

Intro image by Mnvshr – pexels.com

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