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Campaign to End Human Rights Abuses in the Workplace


From mining to clothing to agriculture, people are being abused and the businesses responsible, the people profiting from the abuse, are getting away with it.  

Businesses don’t do anything to stop these abuses from happening because they don’t have to. In the UK, our laws don’t hold businesses accountable for crimes committed in their supply chains. There is no accountability to those they have harmed. 

This fatal flaw in our justice system means that businesses are not only getting away with rape, assault, slavery, child labour, poor pay, environmental destruction and even death, they’re profiting from them. And businesses who are going the extra mile to do the right thing are being undercut by those who aren’t. 

But collectively we can change this.

Together with trade unions, activists, businesses, investors and other charities the Corporate Justice Coalition / Traidcraft Exchange is calling for a new law that would put a stop to these practices by requiring businesses to prevent the abuses from taking place in the first place, however far back in the supply chain. This law would compensate victims that have been abused, and where possible clean up and restore the damage caused. 

The online petition is active now. Click here to add your name.

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