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Burberry Announces New Waste and Fur Free Policies


Two months ago high-end designer brand Burberry hit the headlines with the news that the company destroyed more than £28m worth of its fashion and cosmetic products over the past year to guard against counterfeiting. While the destruction of perfectly good stock is common practice amongst retailers, particularly those in the luxury sector, the news created a slurry of negative feedback within the press and social media.

The backlash obviously made an impact as today, 6th September 2018, Burberry Corporate issued the following statement:

‘Burberry is stopping the practice of destroying unsaleable products with immediate effect. This builds on our responsibility agenda to 2022, and is supported by our new strategy which is helping to tackle the cause of waste.’

And that’s not all, the brand also announced that ‘they will be going fur-free’ starting with Riccardo Tisci’s debut collection later this month for London Fashion Week.

Burberry, whose coats retail at over £2,000 pounds said it was committed to building on its responsibility agenda to 2022, and is looking to expand efforts to reuse, repair, donate or recycle its products and work to develop new sustainable materials.

PETA.uk (The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), regularly campaign outside the main London Fashion Week site, commented on Twitter:


Donatella Versace

Maison Margiela

Giorgio Armani


Calvin Klein

Michael Kors






Today, we add ‪@Burberry to the list.

While Greenpeace added: “It’s high time for the whole fashion industry to start dealing with overstock at its source: by slowing down production and re-thinking the way it does business.”

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