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Brand to Watch: VAQUERA


Previously vocalizing how it is narrow-minded to design clothes for a clientele of people based on their age, sex or race, Patric DiCaprio, stylist-turned-creative director of emerging fashion brand Vaquera, is rebelling against the industry’s stereotypical ideals.


Based in New York City, DiCaprio finds inspiration from everyday people on the streets and annihilates any preconceptions of beauty that incorrectly eliminate the majority of people from the world of fashion.


Originally founded in 2013, DiCaprio’s underlying message throughout all his design is that of blurring the lines between men’s and women’s dressing, thus creating a powerful and thought-provoking sense of solidarity that is showcased amid his gender neutral collections. For so many years, designers have been playing things safe and to some, predictable with regards to designing stereotypical looks for separate genders, failing to investigate into dressing that reflects social change or individuality. This is where Vaquera comes in.

Pioneering all things current, original and relevant in today’s evolving movement, the upcoming fashion brand effortlessly strives to promote unity and the freedom for people to wear whatever they so desire. Knowing how much controversy a single outfit can cause stems back from his out-of-uniform school days when Patric used to go out of his way to parade looks of utmost individualism, never being afraid to standout. He has these childhood moments to thank as it was these times that made him realise the impact that idiosyncratic clothing could have over people.


Among Vaquera’s catwalk shows, male and female models are always united and the clothing is designed to be uncategorically unisex, with an injection of shocking scenes. Examples include models snogging one other and putting out their cigarettes in show attendees’ drinks, whilst expect to witness men dressed in pink ruffled trousers, gossamer dresses and exaggerated neck bows and women donning exposed breasts, oversized all-in-ones and political signs on aprons. Vaquera is putting two fingers up to industry standards, a message that is loud and clear!

Images courtesy of Vaquera from the SS18 collection

Words by Katie Farley

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