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Blending Nightwear With Leisurewear: Winter Items You Can Wear Both In and Out of the House


When wintertime rears its chilly head, the contents of our wardrobes dramatically change. We say hello to chunky boots and thick turtleneck jumpers. 

Our night-time wardrobe also receives a transformation. When temperatures are at their highest in June through to August, we likely lounge around the house and hop into bed wearing as little as possible. Vest tops and cotton shorts spring to mind. On the other hand, when temperatures are at their lowest, we want warm, thick fabrics to insulate us from the cold weather.

There are various similarities between nightwear and leisurewear, so much so that there are items that can be worn interchangeably. Not only is this handy for occasions when we can’t specifically plan or structure our days, but it also guarantees supreme comfort, regardless of what we’re doing.

Let’s look at exactly what each category of clothing is, as well as winter items that can be worn as both nightwear and leisurewear. 

What is leisurewear?

Leisurewear, also known as loungewear, is defined as items of clothing that offer maximum comfort during your leisure time (free time when you’re not at work!). You could have a day of nothing planned, your only intention being to watch your favourite Netflix series before the school run.

Alternatively, you may have a series of errands to tick off, such as getting the weekly shop done, attending a routine doctor’s appointment, and sending off a parcel at the post office. All these plans require the utmost physical freedom and greatest comfort, which is why items classed as leisurewear tend to be stretchy tracksuit bottoms and leggings, baggy jumpers, and t-shirts. 

What is nightwear?

Nightwear is exactly what it says on the tin! The term encompasses pieces of clothing that are suitable to wear in bed and throughout our night’s sleep. Traditionally, nightwear includes pyjamas, nightdresses, onesies, and nightshirts. 

During wintertime, thick pyjama sets and onesies take precedence over their more lightweight cousins, because the warmer we are, the better night’s sleep we’ll have. Technically, there’s no law to say that you can’t wear the above items while out and about, but you’d probably get a few side eyes from strangers if you did. So how do we correctly blend nightwear with leisurewear?

Top tips for successfully interchanging these items

If you want to purchase items of clothing that don’t need “in the house”, “out the house”, or “for bed” labels, there are a few things you should action. 

If you purchased a shirt that was explicitly labelled a “pyjama top” and you want to wear it outside the house to run errands, the first thing you need to do is make it look less like a pyjama top. This can be easily achieved by styling your pyjama shirt with a colourful vest top, high-waisted leggings, and comfortable slip-on trainers.

For many of us, pyjama bottoms are our saviours during the wintertime! When we get home from a busy day at work or tending to other responsibilities, we enjoy a hot shower and then reach for our favourite cosy pyjama bottoms. What if we told you that you could wear these out?

Match your favourite PJ bottoms with an aesthetic blouse or tunic, a long thick coat to keep you warm, and a pair of ankle boots and ta-da! Maximum comfort while you pick up the ingredients you need for dinner, and no strange looks from members of the public while you do so.

Why would we want to do this?

Comfortability is the key driving point for nightwear designers. If a pyjama set doesn’t exude comfort with super soft fabrics and a loose, stretchy fit, it’s very unlikely the consumer will wear the set they’ve purchased, or ever again buy another one from that particular brand or shop.

We expect the same kind of feeling and pleasure from lounge sets and leisurewear. When we feel comfortable, we feel a sense of safety and relaxation in our own bodies, which can improve both our physical and mental wellbeing. If we’re taking time out to recharge our batteries or catch up on life admin, we want to feel as comfortable as possible.

Many brands have begun to pick up on demand for interchangeable nightwear and loungewear. Now, when checking out items and sets from your favourite online clothing shop, you’ll likely find staple loungewear pieces in the nightwear category, and vice versa. These are designs that have been specially crafted to ensure you can sleep, lounge, shop, and browse in that specific top and bottoms. It’s a dream come true!

Treat yourself to a new loungewear/nightwear outfit today

The nation has felt very ‘doom and gloom’ lately, but we don’t have to give in to these negative feelings. It’s important we take assurance and comfort from wherever we can find it, and if being as comfortable as possible for as long as possible is the secret formula to your happiness, you need to go after it! 

Treat yourself to some new nightwear or loungewear today and take comfort in the knowledge that you don’t just have an ‘indoor’ or ‘outdoor’ outfit, you have an anywhere outfit! 




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