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Black Love Matters


Lauren Morrison, Fashion Consultant and founder of Mi-bambino London Ltd and Jenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion-Enter Ltd openly discuss their views in light of the Black Lives Matter movement… 


‘Children never see race as they play with different children from all diversities and walks of life, racism has to be taught to a child to change their perception of colour and race. I’m not an authoritative expert when it comes to race. However, I can only give you my opinion as a black woman that is a mother, business owner and has friends and family from all walks of life. 

‘My grandmother came here in 1958 from Jamaica, and she raised her children to love and respect others as equals regardless of being told no “Blacks, Dogs or Irish”. My grandmother taught us to understand the values between right and wrong, have manners and respect for your elders because having manners will help you to travel the world. Work hard for your education, dreams and always do better, but ultimately love everyone as you love yourself.

‘I never saw race growing up “MY BEST FRIEND WAS WHITE AND WE WERE CALLED EBONY & IVORY” and the unconditional love that we have for each other, no amount of money can buy. I grew up in a multicultural household and community. However, there are always disparities between black and white because the same opportunities can be offered in society that can be disproportionately uneven within education, business, finances, health and community because of the colour of your skin. 

‘In life, there are certain paths that we have to cross and this may be for a reason season or a purpose. When I met Jenny (Holloway), it was for my purpose to manifest my dreams, BUT ULTIMATELY MEET SOMEONE THAT UNDERSTOOD THEM. I was internally broken with rejection, self-doubt, frustration, and lack of confidence. I was ready to walk away from everything that I had built, and this was not in my nature, but I was tired!

‘Jenny came with honesty and truth and saw TALENT FIRST and NOT THE COLOUR OF MY SKIN, TO ACHIEVE A TICK BOX QUOTA, and she consistently badgered me to not give up. Jenny became a friend and a mentor because she took the time to listen and understand the person for who they are which is an awesome quality that is selfless. Jenny made me realise to see how far I’ve come to make my business manifest in the right way. Whilst in the process of achieving great milestones, a knowledge that has taken bravery and calculated risks to achieve. 

‘Jenny – is more than just a mentor to me, I hold her in high regard “when you lift up someone from a low place and truly see them for who they are, that’s what diamonds are made of.” The person understands and see’s that you are diamond too, that has been crushed under immense pressure. 

‘Final note, Black love matters, we all matter! And if we walk with an open heart, to give and receive LOVE we won’t see race.


‘When I first met Lauren I just felt amazing warmth – some people you just click with and I just “got her” straight away.  A beautiful person inside and out with a genuine heart and so much to give. I have never met anyone who has so much talent and does not believe that she has – I felt almost anguished at her self-doubt and was empowered to do all that we could do at Fashion-Enter to make Lauren believe. 

‘As time grew so has our friendship and bit by bit Lauren told me about her past and I understood the struggles she has – the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is born out of decades of frustration and getting to know Lauren makes you realise the pain that some black people feel every single day of their lives.

‘I don’t see colour – I have many friends from many parts of the world and many friends from the LGBTQ community too. All I see are decent people that are trying to be the best they can and then sometimes that curve ball strikes and hits them flat on to the ground.

‘At Fashion-Enter we treat everyone with respect; we will give everyone a chance in life because if you peel back to the heart and soul there is no colour; no ethnicity to be seen. 

‘Today I look at Lauren and after just working together for just a few months I am filled with even more respect for her. She has created Fashion-File.co.uk and has sales; her brand Mi-Bambino (pictured below) is now underway with her production of timeless childrenswear luxury items being flown in from China with her established sources and now she’s sourcing locally too in line with her ethical and sustainable beliefs.

‘Black Lives Matter and we all have to give people a chance to be the best they can and that’s the very foundation that Fashion-Enter is built upon and all the staff believe in this common ethos too.

‘Lauren you reach for the stars – you are already at the moon – just a little bit further!’

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