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Best Dressed Window: Moorer’s ‘Peep Show’ at the London YKK Showroom


Eelko Moorer’s “Peep Show: Vessels” is the first of the 2018 window displays at the YKK London Showroom, featuring a range of objects intended to awaken curiosity and excitement. Reminiscent of a “Peep Show” erotica theme, passers-by feel compelled to stop and stare. The display features a variety of vases that defy conventional connotations of fantasy and fiction, suggestively revealed behind unzipped fabric.

Moorer’s creations are deeply inspired by pulp fiction; literature that purported to describe rare natural marvels and novels of botanical wonders and horrors. Motivated by “wonder stories” of early botanical literary hoaxes, S&M pulp-fiction graphics containing sexual fantasies and mythological allusions to Artemis, Moorer’s work is also influenced by artists Hans Bellmer and Louise Bourgeois. Every window contains an ambiguous fetishized body part presented as a vessel.

The erotic theme has been central in Moorer’s work through his career. Commenting on his collaboration with the YKK London Showroom and synergies with the brand Moorer said: “A zipper is always so exciting, as it reveals something hidden.”

He draws on childhood experiences in Holland; being intrigued by the red light districts as hidden, yet well known, locations in cities. Such places has become the inspiration for his window display at the YKK London Showroom.

Moorer has previously created pieces for industry, bespoke catwalk items, interior design objects for galleries, as well as short films.  He is currently living and working in London and is course leader for MA Footwear at the London College of Fashion.

YKK London Showroom regularly collaborates with designers and artists to provide intriguing window displays that make passers-by stop, look and think.

The “Peep Show: Vessels” window display runs until the 23rd February at the YKK London Showroom – 154 Commercial St, Shoreditch, London.

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