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Back to School: Pattern Cutting & Stitching Courses This September


“Behind every designer is a brilliant pattern cutter.”

It may be true that the ‘designer’ often gains all the credit in the fashion industry however the entire process of creating a collection to sell is very much a team effort. Roles for highly skilled pattern cutters and stitchers are always in demand, that’s why we having continuous courses in both. The next six-week courses in Patterns and Stitching commence from Monday 3rd September, they provide insightful, hands-on training with the option to continue on to more advanced levels.

We also have availability and free places for those that are unemployed, looking for work and receiving valid benefits.

Here’s what some of our previous students have said about the courses:

“I cannot thank you enough or thank the tutors enough for such an amazing experience here and I’m very proud to have completed Levels 1 & 2 of my Industrial Sewing course. I have witnessed so many wonderful moments, watching others grow – as I have been improving on my basic sewing skills.” – Val

“This course is necessary for anyone that wants to go into design, it’s very necessary – this is a foundational course and it will help you understand what making is all about because this is the beginning of everything.” – Chionma

Click here to find out about the Stitching Skills Course

And here for Pattern Cutting

Fee remission is available to those unemployed, looking for work and receiving valid benefits and not on the Work Programme. Please email: education@fashion-enter.com for further details.

In addition, our funding criteria for academic year 2018/19 is due to change for Level 1 and 2 courses. This will give a chance to those who are employed and have an annual gross income below £15,736.50 a year to qualify for a concession. If this applies to you, please email: education@fashion-enter.com for further details.

Please note: students might be required to purchase basic stationery and materials, some of which is available for purchase at the Fashion Technology Academy.


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