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AW18: Where Are the Male Trends Heading?


It would be fair to say that the industry is in something of a whirlwind right now, particularly as London Fashion Week only concluded a matter of weeks ago. It’s events like this which tend to send retailers into overdrive, and we start to get a taste of what is going to be on the shelves for the next few months.

If we hone in on male fashion, let’s take a look at what recent fashion shows have demonstrated to us for the forthcoming Autumn/Winter collections.

A kick-back to 90s fashion

Every so often we see trends revert back in time. This appears true for the upcoming season, with the fashion shows suggesting that we could be heading for the 90s era again.

Ultimately, it means a whole host of different garments are going to be donning the high streets. We’re talking about full tracksuits (yes, you heard that right) and even bucket hats.

Prepare yourself for a hike

Another surprising element from the fashion shows was the hiking movement. In other words, the industry seems to be suggesting that traditional hiking gear is back in fashion. For example, Louis Vuitton were showing a pair of python hiking boots, which certainly grabbed the attention.

Other designers invested more in “coat trousers” – which certainly turned a few heads as well.

Of course, there is always going to be a time and a place for garments such as this. For example, if you have anything bordering a formal dinner, some of the brogues found here are always going to trump hiking boots. Nevertheless, for more informal occasions, this seems to be a winner for now.

Wind cheaters are also completely in

Following on from the active style we’ve just touched upon, let’s talk about wind cheaters. Sure, it might have been one of those items once reserved for the wet and wild conditions, but now that’s not so much the case.

Oversized puffer jackets and cagoules are big business right now – and all of the big designers are latching onto this.

Check mate

Over the years we have seen checked patterns come and go, and now definitely seems to be the former. A lot of designers, including Versace, are big on this at the moment and are showcasing a whole host of garments including tartan trousers and checked donkey jackets. Not only that, but many of these garments are completely oversized which brings something else into the picture.

Layers of leather

Finally, let’s talk about leather. A lot of the shows have demonstrated that layering this material is completely in fashion. It all starts with oversized leather coats, before being topped off with leather trousers. Sound too much? Not according to the likes of Paul Smith and Fendi who are big advocates of the trend.

Images: Sherion Mullings and JoJo Iles

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