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ASOS Garment Techs Gain Optitex Insight


This week, from the 2nd November 2021, a group of ASOS.com Garment Technologists came in for an introductory masterclass on Optitex pattern design software. Tutor Claire Solley, explained the many benefits of the package, which is rapidly being adopted by the fashion industry, including how to prepare patterns for 3D simulation, garment fit, applying colour, pattern and texture and much more. 

The insightful session included:

 -Working with the Avatar editor. 

-How it is possible to adjust the digital mannequin size to be as per your customer.

-PDS 2D how to prepare patterns for 3D simulation. 

-Pattern placement, applying location and shape for accurate simulation adding stitches to the garment, flipping stitches that are incorrect applying fabric parameters so simulation knows how much the fabric will stretch/drape, applying stitch properties, lock stitch for woven garments, 4 thread for stretch, 3D placement on avatar so pattern simulates well.

-Garment fit.

-Checking the fit of the garment using mesh, tension maps, and stretch map.

-PDS applying colour and print and fabric texture.

-Creating multiple colourways for the garment, creating printed versions, scaling print up and down, what happens if the print is not repeated correctly.

-Applying fabric textures to give realistic effect in rendering.

Feedback from the ASOS team included:

“I love Optitex. I learnt how I will use Optitex in my day job.” – Milli

“I now have a clear idea of how to use the basics of Optitex software. I would be confident using the areas we have been shown. The seminar was interesting and interactive, two days is needed for the amount of information. I would like a top up in a few weeks to run through any problems, overall I am really pleased.” – Jessica

“Teaching was adapted to our questions and how we work in physical form – relating our needs to the Optitex simulation.” – Gaia

Feedback included:

“The Optitex 2-day course was thorough and clear. It was very comprehensive and methodical in how it was delivered. Claire is a brilliant teacher and covered all queries.”

“This course has been great. I understand about Optitex and how to make it work for me and my department. And I have a better idea of what my suppliers are doing when I ask for an amendment.”

For further information on our Optitex courses please contact: education@fashion-enter.com

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