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ASBCI Webinar – Connecting the Dots: Data, Digital and Sustainable Fashion


On November 22nd, 2 – 3pm, the ASBCI has an exciting FREE webinar hosted by @Style3D. 

The panel discussion: ‘Connecting The Dots: Data, Digital and Sustainable Solutions’ will be moderated by Dr Julie King, Chair of ASBCI.

Panelists Mary Fellowes from Greenwith Studio and Helene Behrenfeldt from Infor will be joined by Fashion-Enter Ltd’s CEO Jenny Holloway.

The session will discuss how fashion’s unsustainable practices have been hidden beneath its glamorous facade. But the cracks are beginning to show, and consumers are now demanding change.

The time has come to connect the dots between digital innovation and sustainability. To thread new ways through the eye of the needle.

ASBCI brings together inspired thinkers and doers to map out fashion’s digital pattern transformation. Stitching together ideas from across the value chain – pinning hopes for dramatic progress.

Members are invited to attend this webinar to see key technologies up close and personal. To hear how digital sampling, on-demand production, and circular reuse are altering fashion’s very fabric.

It’s time to reshape the industry we love – one pixel, dataset, and ethical choice at a time. And adorn our shared future with more beauty, creativity, and care than we ever thought possible.

Fashion’s digital renaissance starts now. Will you be part of weaving this new tapestry?

To find out more and book tap here.

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