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New Year New Apprenticeships


Why Fashion Enter’s fashion and textile apprenticeships really do work…

Well it’s the start of a New Year and it’s a big welcome back to our apprenticeships on the Level 2, 3 and 4 programme.

Fashion Enter was the first training provider in the country to start technical Level 3 apprenticeships at the bequest of Creative Skillset who was then the Government body for skills in fashion and textiles.

Jenny Holloway commented, “Yes, they were difficult early days. We were absolutely committed to working on apprenticeships as it was a natural choice for technical skills. Running our own factory and Fashion Studio made us realise how bad the skill shortage was. However, we never gave up! We kept perfecting and improving our services – we strode for excellence at all levels.”

Jenni Sutton, now Development Director also states, “In those early days I was responsible for recruitment and I very quickly realised how important our open days were. How important it was to give honest, impartial advice, information, guidance and carefully demonstrate career progressions. I know this is now called IAG and the Operations Team spend hours ensuring that our pre-entry open days are really accurate. If we get that recruitment wrong then we are all wasting our time.”

Amy Walczak-Hobbs (pictured left) has recently completed her Level 3 apprenticeship and won an award for being an outstanding student. Amy said:

“I loved my apprenticeship and all I achieved. I knew I was on the right course from the very beginning because I was given very solid advice, information and guidance, which related to my own personal goals and wishes. I am now a junior garment technician at M&Co and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you to Fashion Enter for helping me find the right path for my career.”

Another happy apprentice is AnnaMaria who developed her love of analysis and figures very early on. Today she’s an account merchandiser and runs a £2.5m account. Anna Maria commented:

“I always loved fashion and I knew I wanted to belong in fashion but when you’re just 17 you don’t always know exactly what part. I did the Level 1 with Fashion Enter then the Level 2. Then I was offered an apprenticeship Level 3.

“I can clearly remember to this day Jenny going through exactly the 13 units of the apprenticeship and how they interrelate. I remember taking a skills scan, a long look at the garment life cycle posters with Jenny to see where I could fit in.

“I was excited but nervous at the same time because I just wasn’t sure exactly of the job. However Fashion Enter and the tutors seemed to gather around me giving me encouragement, new advice, information and guidance until I 100% made the right decision. I love my job. It’s challenging and different every day and I couldn’t have done it without the apprenticeship.”

If you are interested to find out if apprenticeships are right for you then come and visit us on one of our open days. To find the next date please email: jenni@fashion-enter.com



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