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Top Five Reasons To Complete An Apprenticeship


We understand that taking the university route is not for everyone and that is why we developed our Fashion and Textiles Apprenticeship programme offering level 2 – 4 qualifications.  The Fashion and Textiles Apprenticeship programme is a unique combination of training and career specific work experience. The apprentice will be working with one employer for the entire course therefore providing an opportunity for both the employer and the individual to develop a long and sustainable relationship.

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Hands on work experience

Unlike university, an apprenticeship offers learners the ability to gain hands on practical work experience within the work place.  Spending one day a week in training at the Fashion Technology Academy allows students to transfer practical skills to their written work and vice versa.

“I have learned so many skills from learning on the job from how to measure garments, build relationships with colleagues and connections outside of the business, time keeping, organisation and many more skills that will take me far in life… I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to any student as a lot of the time when we as young adults go for interviews it’s not always about the grades, I feel experience is just as important and I know the skills that I have learnt from working at Topshop head office will take me very far in life and I’m so grateful to have this opportunity.” – Lia Bratt, Topshop apprentice.

Varied Job Roles and insight

Not only does an apprenticeship allow students to gain practical hands on experience within their chosen field, but it also allows them to see what other roles and departments do.

“I have learnt a wide range of skills and had the opportunity to work with a variety of people from different departments which has given me insight into different careers within the industry and workplace, allowing me to see what they do and how they work.” – Chloe Norris, Topman Apprentice

Practical skills

Acknowledging that practical skills are crucial for the fashion industry, Alicia who is a current apprentice with Hobbs states that upon completing her apprenticeship she will have gained two years of in-depth training and practical industry skills.

“Since starting, I have learnt how to measure a garment, how to grade a garment, how garments are produced and worked with suppliers all over the world. I have personal responsibility to manage supplier critical path for my departments and ensure samples come in on time. I also manage and monitor returns to ensure money from manufacturing faults is refunded back into the business. I have also gained knowledge and understanding of fit and pattern cutting. Hobbs have taught me manual grading on coats, trousers and dresses. I have also been taught how to read and approve test reports and been given training on testing methods. Further to this I have learnt about the quality of threads and zips and how important these are for garment performance and longevity.” – Alicia Noble, Hobbs Apprentice.

Vast Career Opportunities Upon Completion

“I had been on an 18-month apprenticeship scheme and training to be a Garment Technologist at New Look. Since the scheme finished I was offered a full-time job!  I am now an assistant garment technologist on casual jersey/ sports jersey/ fashion and formal and I do a bit of knitwear too. As part of my job I attend fit sessions twice a week and write fit comments to send to suppliers. Going to fitting sessions is my favorite aspect of the job as it gives me a chance to get involved with the product! I am also dealing with returns and sorting out issues within the department. It is always busy and there is never a dull moment!” – Lily Stone, former New Look Apprentice

Full time paid work

“A full time job gaining me two years of industry experience in a well-known brand that is Hobbs, two years of training both at work and at college, no university debt to pay off, and a small income.  It was an absolute no brainer as to which path I would take and it is the best decision I made. It has taught me the different areas of a fashion business and it has allowed me to discover the right pathway for me within the industry. I was never aware of the vast career possibilities within Fashion.” – Emily Sensier, Hobbs Apprentice

If you think an apprenticeship could be right for you contact education@fashion-enter.com today!

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