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Apprenticeship Update: Abbie Godbold


My workplace ‘The Factory’ recently moved location to a new warehouse around the corner which is huge!

Over the period we were moving, I was given the responsibility of helping to keep track of all our needed stock for orders still being processed as well as helping to set up the New factory ready for when the workers and machines moved over!

I am really enjoying my apprenticeship at The Factory especially now that we have a brand new place to work.


Recently I have been picking up on how to prepare orders for collection by delivery notes and stickers, and am now often asked to prepare them alone. I am now also being cc’d on all the emails to Asos and visa versa so I am able to pick up the order process – what do to when we’re asked to make samples and given new designs, fabric testing and red, green and gold seals which is all exciting.


I am slowly gaining more responsibility at my place of work as I gain new skills and learn new things. I am also really enjoying meeting all of Jenny Holloway’s clients which come to the Factory for meetings, its great to find out about their business, how they got into it and to generally collect advice from their experiences. It’s also great to make new contacts within the industry as well as for them to find out first hand what my apprenticeship is all about and what my personal role is within this company.

Im looking forward to a busy future! (:

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