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ASOS Takes on Another 4 Apprentices



Over the Christmas period, ASOS saw its sales soar over 35%, up to £335m compared to £249m last year. Festive spending was boosted by a large sale of party dresses and Christmas jumpers.

ASOS who not long launched themselves on to the shares market, have seen their share prices double within the last year of being on the market, to £68.99. The huge online reatailer is well on its way to turning over an £1billion this year alone.


ASOS has one of the best success stories in British retail, with global success; ASOS has more than 7million regular shoppers worldwide, a rate which is growing, rapidly. ASOS’ success comes from their diverse take to the fashion industry and ability to try out new techniques and strategies of expansion. ASOS is constantly coming up with new ways of targeting their young market by offering promotions such as student discounts and free delivery.

ASOS has great initiative for the younger generation, last year launching the ‘Stitching Academy’ in collaboration Fashion Enter. The course aims to get over 120 young people a Level 1 fashion qualification and into a fashion career or apprenticeship within the first year.

No stranger to the apprenticeship programme, ASOS were the first employers to get involved in the Fashion Enter apprenticeship programme and take on 2 Level 3 apprentices back in 2011. ASOS have recently taken on another 4 apprentices on the new Level 4 programme.

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