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Apprentices for Your Fashion Business


As part of our on-going commitment to education and learning our sister company Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) prides itself on being a major supporter of the apprenticeship program. In 2010 FEL started the apprenticeship delivery in fashion technical skills with CONEL. 

Jenny Holloway, FEL CEO commented: “This was a major step forward for our company and it required real commitment by the company. This resulted in me going to night school for two-years at Waltham Forest College to become a Level 5 tutor. I then trained as an Assessor and then IQA. If you are going to start delivering quality apprenticeships and training, then you need to know what quality looks like. By knowing the standards I can then ensure everyone works to those standards.”

FEL has continued to excel in apprenticeships receiving strong feedback from Ofsted. Currently FEL is delivering a wide range of apprenticeships as highlighted on the training website FCFTA.com – visit the jobs page here

There is now a unique opportunity for any company of any size to have an apprentice thanks to a new Haringey Council partnership with London Progression Collaboration (LPC) who give support to businesses on accessing funding and creating new apprenticeship opportunities.

Please contact: info@thelpc.uk or Akofala.Caliph@haringey.gov.uk  

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