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AI in Fashion Conference – Joining the Dots


Thank-you to all that attended the ‘AI in Fashion’ conference on Wednesday 21st February. The event was fully-subscribed and was a real testament to the sharing of knowledge and ideas for the benefit of the fashion industry.

Held in partnership with InnovateUK KTN and Style3D the day-long event featured talks and discussion with:

Dr Steve Morris – Innovate UK KTN, 

Eric Liu – CEO Style3D, 

Anne Toomey – the Royal College of Art, 

Kate Goldsworthy – Chelsea Arts, 

Dr Hilde Heim – Manchester Fashion Institute, 

Peter Witham – Fashion & Lifestyle Creative Director | AI Designer

Paola Masperi – Madeby

Kamal Meesri – Fashion 3DX

Jonathan Smith – Fashion 3DX

Plus, Fashion-Enter Ltd’s Founder Jenny Holloway

Covering a range of topics such as AI in design, circularity and sustainability, and AI for track and trace, the conference explored positive uses of AI across the entire garment cycle process.

Attendees from industry and education also got the opportunity to tour FEL’s North London premises, that includes the Styleverse Innovation Centre, Micro Factory, United Repair Centre and Fashion Studio.

Speaker Dr Hilde Heim, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Division Head for Fashion Communication at the Manchester Metropolitan University said: “Thank-you so much for hosting this event Fashion-Enter Ltd. It was great to see some of the brilliant cutting edge research and innovations taking place in AI.” 

Alice Burkitt, Strategic Projects Consultant for UKFT, said: “It was great to see such a large cross section of the industry in attendance and lots of food for thought about how the UK industry can incorporate new technology and adapt to future trends.”

Sarah Robins, Sustainable Fashion & Textiles at WRAP said: “Thank-you for creating such an informative and packed programme for the day. A fantastic opportunity to see the research and work happening around AI. Will be continuing to follow closely to see how AI can support the shift for Fashion to become more sustainable and utilised to measure and map environmental impacts.”

Victoria Demekhina, Engineer Exploring the World of Bespoke Tailoring: “What a brilliant event it was! Thank-you so much for hosting it.”

Nichole De Carle, Owner at London Contour Experts added: “It was mind blowing to understand that AI is making 3D design more human-like. This technology combined, will fully replace ecomm and photoshoot campaigns, fast becoming a huge cost saving exercise for brands.”

After the series of featured talks engaging discussion took place about the balance of AI with today’s skilled workforce and how AI is a facilitator rather than a replacer. The Conference went extremely well and it was wonderful to see members from industry and education networking and exchanging ideas, it really is about joining the dots and working together.

Thanks again to InnovateUK KTN and Style3D, all the guest speakers, and to all that braved the soggy British weather to attend.

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