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Adding Textures to Your Winter Look


Winter is the season to be wrapped up warm and cosy, both at home and in public. But this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style – quite the opposite. Winter outfits are all about texture, depth, and layers, all of which help to create ensembles that catch the eye and keep you warm even on the coldest of winter days.

In this article, we delve into some of the best materials to bring a new sense of texture and variety to your winter looks.

London street style by JoJo Iles


This material is well and truly back in fashion after a long hiatus since the 1960s and 70s. Corduroy not only looks great, but it’s a clever way to introduce new textures into a winter outfit and is more insulating than most other fabrics – so you can look fabulous and stay warm.

It’s a great choice across both professional and casual settings, working for flared cord trousers, pinafore dresses, and blazers. Corduroy comes in some stunning autumn and winter colours too, including stylish greens, oranges, greys, and creams.

London street style by JoJo Iles


People normally think of bags and boots when they hear suede, and for good reason. Suede bags and boots are stunning, whether you go for an ankle, tall or flat boot, or an everyday or evening bag. But it can be used from head to toe to add another layer of texture during winter.

Suede jackets are popular right now, providing a cute and classy addition to almost any winter outfit. A thick, warm borg trim coat in suede is a brilliant look for days and evenings alike and will keep you warm throughout. As a sustainable alternative, we’re seeing faux suede being used increasingly more for dresses, skirts, and other items too.

London street style by Sherion Mullings


A symbol of luxury and elegance, velvet provides a sophisticated look and texture to a winter outfit. It’s another warm fabric that suits a comfy home look just as well as more classy evening dress looks for a Christmas ball, party, or dinner.

Velvet works as the focal point of an outfit or as a finishing touch with an accessory like a scrunchie, bow, or headband. The material comes in rich, deep colours which are perfect for highlighting and creating layers to catch the eye.

London street style by Sherion Mullings


Nothing says winter outfit like warm, cosy knits. They’re perfect for chilling at home and staying toasty when you’re out and about. With lighter and heavier knit fabrics, you can pick and choose the textures that match the balance of your outfit.

There are few outfits cuter than a pair of knee-high boots and a cosy knit dress to complete the look. It’s warm, versatile and looks absolutely stunning just about anywhere. What’s your go-to winter look?

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