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A Visit From Nigel Lugg OBE Chairman of UKFT


On the 13th July, we welcomed Nigel Lugg OBE Chairman of UKFT to our Welsh factory in Newtown, Powys. Eddie Bebb, Commercial Manager of the factory walked Nigel around the factory as they discussed how Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway rescued the Laura Ashley machinists from unemployment and how quickly the factory was set up.

Eddie commented: “Nigel Lugg is passionate about ethical manufacturing within the UK, he firmly believes that the wheel has turned full circle with regards to offshore sourcing and we are ideally placed to capitalise on this shift.”

Post visit Nigel said: “I was delighted to visit Eddie Bebb at Fashion-Enter and his wonderful team in Newtown Wales on Tuesday. Fantastic to see the transfer of skills and a new generation of sewers so much needed in the fashion industry here in the UK. UK manufacturing needs our total support and as we come out of Covid I am sure the lessons of long lead time supply chains across the globe will change dramatically in favour of more at once supply chains . To our retail partners let’s support this great new enterprise and bring more production back to our shores.

“Thank-you Eddie for a great insight in what we all need to do to support you. Be positive – 5000 garments a week can soon be 10000 if we all work together.”

Nigel also remarked on the brand new equipment and how well appointed the site was, while Eddie explained how the Welsh Government were very supportive during the set up process. The visit was extremely positive, however Nigel stressed that more support of the UK Fashion & Textile sector was needed from Westminster.

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