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A Question of Fit: Learn How to Make Garments that Fit Beautifully


Black Friday returns are predicted to cost fashion retailers 1.6 billion pounds (source Fashion United).

‘Receiving clothing that doesn’t fit properly is the number one reason for online clothing and footwear returns’, said GlobalData.   

This is unsurprising of course, when online shopping you cannot try on a garment and are unable to judge the quality of the clothing. However, fit is an issue across the board and is a major problem with throwaway, disposable fashion. If a piece of clothing does not fit properly it looks unflattering or becomes uncomfortable and therefore surplus to requirement.   

In the world of fashion, we discuss ‘Zero Waste’ and talk about ethical, sustainable fashion, however simultaneously the industry continues to over produce cheaply made disposable products of which 60% ends up in landfill.  

It does not have to be this way, and as consumers are starting to become more aware and ask where their clothes are made, a new generation is emerging who want better quality garments.   

If you are a designer or pattern cutter it is imperative you learn how to draft and create a perfect fit pattern that fits any size! As a brand you will build a loyal customer base and as a pattern cutter you will be invaluable to your employers.  

Telestia’s online pattern making course teaches you how to draft and create patterns quickly and accurately using its unique methodology.

Choose either the womenswear or menswear pattern making course on line and you will:  

– Produce UNIQUE PATTERNS that fit any size

– GAIN TIME in the development process

– SAVE RESOURCES & reduce waste

– Feel confident about your SKILLS and the way to move forward, with endless opportunities.

Learn more about each course here:

Pattern Making – Womenswear 

Pattern Making – Menswear

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