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A Personal Message Regarding Our Remarkable Queen


From Jenny Holloway CEO of Fashion-Enter Ltd:

“It’s with deep regret that our wonderful stoic Queen Elizabeth II has passed away. Her Majesty was an example to us all in the art of dignity and fortitude. Her extraordinary loyalty to the country is reflected by her greeting the new Prime Minister Liz Truss when she clearly must have been suffering from ill health.

Jenny Holloway with the Queen in 2012

“Our fashion installation and guided tour at the Glades situated in Bromley, for her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, was for me, one of the lasting highlights, both professionally and personally. The love and devotion to her husband The Duke of Edinburgh was clear for everyone to see at this event – they were perfectly in tune with each other. At least now they will be together and that gives some lasting peace for us all. 

“We all should be exceptionally proud of the Queen and all her achievements during her reign. Fashion-Enter Ltd wishes the Royal Family sincere condolences and we wish the very best for the future monarch.”

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