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A Free Introduction to Style3D


On 18th January, Fashion-Enter held a free introductory Zoom session on Style3D. Led by tutor Harry Mack, the aim of the 1-hour masterclass was to demonstrate the basics of the Style3D Studio and how fast and effective the software is.

From creating your own personalised avatar, featuring numerous inputted measurements and styling details, to drawing pattern pieces and manipulating your design. Harry demonstrated how fast a flat design can be transformed into a 3D piece along with highly realistic fabric draping, tension and texture. The software truly is impressive and the session, open to all, gave attendees the chance to see how it all works and ask questions. 

Harry currently runs a Style3D 3-day beginners course at Fashion-Enter’s HQ in Haringey. Over the 3-days attendees can explore how the software can inform design processes and shape the development of digital garments. Harry guides step-by-step so that attendees learn how to create their own bespoke avatar, learn how use garment blocks and adapt them, as well as how to select digital fabrics and apply them to projects. As demonstrated the course shows how to use a range of digital sewing tools, including adding zips and pockets, and how to present final designs on the catwalk.

Previous Style3D learner, Ankita said: “Harry’s Style3D training offered a captivating exploration of pattern adaptation, providing me with a profound understanding of visual representation. The insights gained in this session are invaluable, especially in the context of developing garments or creating promotional material for a campaign.”

At the end of the session attendees asked questions on pattern grading and importing digital databases, all were impressed and thanked Harry for the preview. The 3-day course is held in small groups to ensure individual attention. All up and coming dates can be found on FashionCapital’s eventbrite page. And for those that sign-up to our 3-day Style3D beginner’s course there is the additional bonus of free, exclusive Style3D Studio access for up to three months.

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