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6, 072 Attend CPPD Factory Sessions and Counting!


Over the last three-years (as at 3.11.23) over 6,000 people have visited the Fashion-Enter Ltd factory and undertaken our tailor-made Factory Uncovered tour and seminar. This was no easy feat during the long period of Covid and lockdowns!

Staff from All Saints take the Factory Uncovered tour and seminar

That means over 6,000 people now have an understanding of what makes a factory ethical and sustainable – Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) is on a mission to provide a real insight into UK manufacturing and why there are so many advantages to proximity sourcing with manufacturing in the UK. Tap here to find out more about our Factory tours and seminars for visitors, students and industry professionals.

When we opened the Tailoring Academy for Haringey Council, GLA and LEAP in November 2019 we were tasked to support 600 learning interventions and two collaborations with industry. It’s not often you can say you have beaten a target by 1000% and with the collaborations FEL surpassed the target by creating new business opportunities with:  

Patrick Grant reviews the Kornit Atlas Max printing capabilities
Zund cutting technology
Staff using Style3D software
Alvanon mannequins
United Repair Centre London

2023 has been a tough year but FEL has absolutely kept to its principles and ethics. The company’s values and beliefs are stronger than ever and in this time of great uncertainty FEL continues to strive towards social inclusion and equality for all. 

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