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5 Predictions For The World of Fashion


Prophesying the fashion world is a bit like forecasting the weather – things come out of nowhere and you can sometimes never know precisely how it’s going to change. Nevertheless, we’re going to bring out our crystal ball and try to foretell what may happen in the fashion world in the not-too-distant future.

More smart clothing

The wearable revolution is well and truly underway, as seemingly every company under the sun manufactures some sort of bracelet or watch that provides health and fitness data. But shouldn’t wearable tech be more exciting than being placed on the wrist? Smart clothing is slowly making its way onto the market, but we think this will happen much quicker and on a larger scale than people think. Smart clothing will undoubtedly become so unobtrusive yet still very efficient, as not everyone wants to wear something on their wrist.

(Images right: Smart Clothing – digital trends.com, 90’s style London street style by FashionCapital, Tag Hauer Carrera watch, Nike self-tying shoes, Levi’s Limited Edition denim and TOMS footwear.)

Vintage design, digital inside

As we’ve seen with 90s fashion coming back in vogue, people really love retro clothing. It does take a while for some clothing item to become cool again, but as sure as night follows day, the ‘cool-lame-cool’ cycle will continue for a long, long time. This notion extends to timepieces as well, as vintage watches are making a small comeback largely in part to online second-hand watch sellers. For example, older Tag Heuer watches have been appearing some as old as from the 50s or 60s. But similarly to the above point, smartwatches are absolutely ruling the watch market. This got us thinking, the perfect watch for the future will indeed have a vintage design, yet still have the smartwatch functionality.

Self-tying, self-zipping

Self-tying shoes are still very much in their infancy, but Nike has been toying around with the concept a lot lately. The shoes are expensive, sure, but since Back to the Future, everyone has wanted self-tying shoes. But why stop there? We want self-zipping dresses, bags, jackets, and anything in-between. Not completely necessary, but simply cool.

More limited editions

We love the idea of limited editions. A lot of companies do them, but let’s keep it up. It’s such a shame to pick up something from a chain store, only to find that 50 other people are wearing the same thing as you leave the store. Limited editions just keep things interesting.

Further support for quality products for good causes

When you buy a great item that benefits not only the company who makes it, but also helps out grassroots campaigns and those in poorer areas of the world, then everyone wins. Novica sells jewelry and clothing from artisans who otherwise might have struggled to find international buyers for their products. Serengetee assist various groups across the world, as every product of theirs is tied to a specific charity or organization, so you can even choose who you’d like to support when purchasing an item. There are a lot more companies with this ethos, but this is something we should be seeing more of in the future.

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