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5 Men’s Fashion Trends for 2021


The start of a New Year is a good chance to look ahead to what men’s fashion trends are likely to dominate over the next 12 months. Of course, 2021 is a tricky year as it is unclear what the situation will be in the coming months, and whether people are going to be cooped up inside or able to be out and about for the first time in a long time will have a big impact on fashion trends. There are a few likely trends over the next 12 months, though, so read on to discover what these are.

1. Leisurewear

Leisurewear will certainly continue to be a fashion trend in the coming months as people continue to work from home and may continue to do so even once the pandemic ends. Leisurewear enables you to feel relaxed and comfortable and is not just an option for lounging around the house, so you can expect men (and women) to be wearing leisurewear even more in the coming months.

2. Luxury Socks

Leading on from this, comfort is the name of the game right now, and luxury socks are becoming hugely popular. Merino socks are luxuriously soft, comfortable, breathable, and non-itch and can be worn simply around the house or with a smart pair of shoes. They are suitable for all uses, which means that they will be popular no matter what is happening this year.

3. Vertical Stripes

It is thought that vertical stripes will be another major men’s fashion trend for 2021 as an easy way to bring some variety and uniqueness to outfits. Another reason that this is likely to be a trend is that vertical stripes are known to be slimming, which many men may find helpful after having added a few pounds during the pandemic!

4. The 1970s

Fashion is cyclical, and the 1970s style has been making a resurgence in recent times, largely thanks to influential male celebrities like Harry Styles and Tyler the Creator. Additionally, once restrictions are lifted, people are going to be making the extra effort and looking to turn heads, and the 70s style is certainly a way to do this.

5. Tailoring

It is also likely that many men will be taking their clothes to the tailor this year. This is because many people’s weight will have fluctuated during the pandemic, plus tailoring will improve any outfit and help men to feel much more confident in their appearance. As mentioned, people will want to be out and about when it is safe to do so, and they will want to look their best, and tailoring will be a good way to do this.

These are likely to be a few of the main men’s fashion trends over the next 12 months. It is hard to predict as it is unclear what the landscape will be even in a month, but it is likely that remote working will continue to play a major role, but people will be looking to impress when they are able to go out and socialise once again.

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