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5 Key Trends for 2022 and Beyond


As we head into a new year hope and optimism pave the way forward with a keen emphasis on biodegradable fabrics, comfort enhancing technology and multi-tasking design. Here FashionCapital reviews leading trend forecaster WGSN’s predictions for 2022 and beyond…

Bast Fibres

Mentioned in several WGSN reports bast fibres focus on natural fibres that can be farmed regeneratively. These include the likes of flax (linen), hemp, jute and ramie and supports regenerative agricultural practices that are quick yield and draws in carbon. These crops are much-lower in impact and offer a viable option away from fertiliser and water thirsty cotton. Fashion brands are already tapping into the potential of bast fibres with linen already growing in popularity. Linen has the additional advantage of being breathable, cooling and durable, ideal for clothing while hemp is stepping up in the denim sector and jute is being incorporated into footwear and accessories.

Very Peri & Orchid Flower

PANTONE’s Colour of the Year ‘Very Peri’ has been selected as a visual representation of the global zeitgeist and the transition we are currently going through. Trends in technology, gaming and art have been combined with new views on modern life, inclusivity and positivity. Very Peri encompasses the quality of muted blues with a violet, red undertone. 

Trend forecasters at WGSN have opted for ‘orchid flower’ as their Colour of the Year for 2022. Also in the violet range, orchid flower appears as a more intense magenta, pushing forward a stimulating shade that expresses joy and optimism. This colour and chroma level was also selected for its broad appeal across seasons and genders.

Images L to R: Seabirds rash vest, Pantone, Carbon Trust, stock photo’s – footwear and linen swatches.

Heel to Toe Comfort

Throughout the pandemic, and spending more time either at home or outdoors, comfort has ousted the likes of the stiletto heel when it comes to footwear. Accustomed to the freedom of trainers, slides and mules the notion of comfort and wellness for our feet is set to go a step further in 2022. Styles in development include recovery ranges that massage or support the feet post-exercise, lightweight, supportive designs in natural materials and styles that include infusions of natural oils to support footcare and wellbeing. Further uncertainty and an increase in home working this coming year is set to continue a strong performance in updated, comfortable and lightweight footwear options.

The Rash Vest

Beachwear staple the rash vest has upped its game to become a useful base layer for a range of activities. The past year has seen a dramatic increase in the likes of hiking, biking, river/sea swimming, skating and surfing and with it the rise of multifunctional, performance clothing. Activity aside the rash vest featured on the S/S22 catwalk, combined with everyday casuals, or as an all-in-one short surf suit. Reflective of these changing times the rash vest represents the broader outdoor wear picture where functional, performance wear is combined with everyday style.

Low Carbon Clothing

Waking up to the realities of climate change as well as the ethics behind each and every product brands are beginning to introduce carbon-impact labelling. As consumers begin to question the sustainability and ethics behind each possible purchase, brands, clothing in particular, have started to up their transparency and carbon emission goals. Those ahead of the game have already included carbon labelling on their products along with a rise in bringing supply chains in-house or closer to home.

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