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5 Clever Shop Fittings to Bring Your Store to Life


The fixtures and fittings in your shop are going to make nearly as much of an impact as the items that you sell. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get creative and do more than just set up– you need to show up. The right shop fittings, and the way that you arrange them, can make all the difference.

1.Industrial Shelves and Displays

The industrial and vintage looks are in right now. Using plain old pipes, lumber, and other basic industrial supplies aren’t just a cost-effective way to outfit your shop– it’s also stylish and chic. You can stick with standard browns and other basic colours for a classic finish or you can paint your displays for a totally unique look.

2. Interactive Displays

Interactive displays, or “experience” pieces, are becoming very trendy in brick-and-mortar stores. If you have a shop where you can incorporate a display that also engages your customers, this is a great way to get clever and stand out.

3. Unique Lighting

Again, you aren’t going to be selling your products by hanging them from the lights. However, if you take a little time to create a space that is eye-catching and inviting, people will want to come in. It doesn’t matter how many fittings you have or how clever they are, after all, if your shop isn’t attracting people with its visual appeal.

4. Pallets

Pallets are the perfect example of the old adage that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Today, even high-end designers are incorporating pallets and pallet-inspired designs into homes and businesses around the world. You can find plenty of creative ways to turn pallets into great shop fittings online.

5. Baskets

Yet another affordable option for shop fittings, baskets are trendy thanks to the popularity of farmers markets and the aforementioned vintage/farmstead decor trends. Baskets are great for otherwise difficult-to-shelve items and they add a stylish touch.

These are just a few clever ideas for shop fittings to consider. If you really want to turn heads, think outside of the box. With a little creative thinking, your shop can go a long way.

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