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4 Must – Have Jumper Styles for your Winter Wardrobe


Winter is the season for comfort and cosiness. This applies to the way we dress as we strive to protect ourselves from the cold and rain, but also to how we choose to spend our time. After all, who doesn’t love curling up in front of the television with a hot drink while watching your favourite festive film

This celebration of slowing down and finding joy in warmth and calm is known as Hygge in Danish culture. Over the last few years, this concept has become a global phenomenon, typically linked to the idea of winter domestic bliss. Rising energy prices and less money to put towards socialising helped to keep hygge popular in 2022, and many will be embracing the philosophy this winter as well.

Whether you find peace in picturesque walks and tending the garden or curling up with a good book, these must-have jumper styles for your winter wardrobe will keep you cosy. Here’s what to wear to achieve hygge this season.

Streetstyle London by Sherion Mullings

Cable knit

Cable knit jumpers have a longstanding heritage. Also known as an Aran or Gansey jumper, this thick, textured design was created for fishermen. The density helps to keep the body warm while the pattern ensures the flexibility needed for manual work.

These jumpers would traditionally have been hand-knitted, but machine-made versions are also widely available as this style has been popular since its inception in the late 19th century. It is the ideal jumper for winter outdoor adventures and a staple piece for your seasonal wardrobe.

Funnel neck

Another style that effortlessly implements cosiness is the funnel neck. This design extends all the way up to the chin to provide full upper body coverage, protecting you against chilly winter winds. 

Funnel neck jumpers are one of the essential items in a women’s knitwear collection for those seeking hygge. This design feels like a reassuring hug, and keeps you cosy whether you are indoors or soaking up the serenity of a sunny winter’s day.

Polo neck 

Polo necks are similar to the funnel neck design but are typically more lightweight. The other notable difference is that the tubular neckline folds back over itself rather than reaching all the way to the chin. Relatively thin with a close weave, this is a great jumper for indoor relaxation in the winter.

A similar style is the turtleneck which has an even shallower raised finish around the neckline and is designed to have a tight fit. This sleek style was popular throughout the latter half of the 20th century, firstly in menswear and then womenswear too thanks to 60s fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. 


For absolute indoor elegance while maintaining that all-important comfort, choose a merino jumper. These pieces are woven using the wool from Merino sheep. The wool is finer and softer than regular wool but still has a strong structure for greater elasticity and excellent durability. 

These thin jumpers are great for layering beneath your winter jacket, or for formal indoor events such as work or a Christmas party. Merino jumpers give you the soothing sensation of wearing cashmere at a more affordable price. 

Intro image by Aleksey Danilov on Pexels.com

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