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3 Watch Trends to Look Out for According to Watchmakers


The watch sector is often seen as very conservative, and in many ways it is. However, it is still subject to change, and when it happens, it can be felt across the industry. We’re seeing a shift towards different metals and hues, and we’re still waiting for classic watchmakers to fully embrace the smart watch, which should be a sector to watch for the next coming years. We asked some of the most prominent watchmakers what they had to say about the current state of the industry and what they expect to see in the future. Here’s what they had to say.

Blue Dials and Rose Gold Bracelets

According to the CEO of Rado, Matthias Breschan, we should see more warm tones in the next coming years when it comes to bracelets. Blue dials and bracelets also seem to be in vogue right now. One simply has to look at major retailers like Owen & Robinson and their selection of Tissot watches, like their Chrono XL with its black and rose gold dial, or the stunning all blue Carson Premium with roman dial and leather strap. We’re also seeing more bronzes, ambers, and brown colours too.

Smart Casual is In

One of the things that could explain the surge in popularity of blue as a colour might be down to their versatility. According to Bremont co-founder, Giles English, people want more than a watch that they can show off or wear with a suit; they also want something that they can wear on the weekend. Blue, with its association with smart casual style, makes it a perfect match for this class of buyer.

And Breschan seemed to agree as well. He mentioned that a lot of people like the fact that these can be easily modified by swapping the bracelets instead of swapping the whole watch, and they’re a great fit for people with a busy lifestyle.

Smart Watches to Coexist, Not Take Over

Many insiders are also not of the opinion that smart watches will dominate the market anytime soon, if ever. Instead, they should continue coexisting with other watch types. The official watch types will now be mechanical, quartz, and smart watches. And when we look at it, there’s little chance of overlap. People who want a mechanical watch are not likely to go for a smart watch instead.

However, according to English, smart watches could make waves at the lower tier of the market. As a matter of fact, smart watches are already making gains at lower price points, and we’re seeing more pressure being put on fashion brands to release their own models. However, this trend doesn’t seem to be affecting the luxury market. He also stated that a lot of his luxury customers will have a smart watch in their rotation, and that’s not necessarily a question of either/or for them.

All these trends are set to have far reaching repercussions on the industry, and should help reshape it in the next coming years. Yet, most of the consuming public still seems to stick to classics, which is still reflected in the high demand for vintage or vintage style pieces.

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