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Alvanon Awards Bursaries to Fashion Enter Students


Why Alvanon is investing in young technicians for the fashion industry…

Five students at Fashion Enter’s garment manufacturing training centre in North London have been awarded £1,500 bursaries by Alvanon, the Global Apparel Business Expert. The bursaries are being used to fund the students’ participation in Fashion Enter courses that are essential to becoming professional patternmakers, technical designers and sewers.

Alvanon’s bursary winners and Fashion Enter’s program details are:

Theodora Adjepong earned a bursary for Level 1 Stitching, a six-week course which teaches the fundamentals of using industrial sewing machines and practice sewing techniques to produce a range of stitching samples.

Grace Osofisan was named a bursary winner for Level 2 Stitching, a 12-week course that instructs attendees on the proper use of different fabrics to produce perfect collars and lapels, various pocket styles and many other essential details with precise finish and pressing techniques.

Eve Meredith, Donna Harris and Nader Shaw Moradi were named bursary winners for Level 2 Perfect Patterns, a 14-week course that provides apprentices with a range of in-demand technical pattern drafting and cutting skills. Industry experts guide students on the use of tools, techniques and methods to produce perfect blocks and patterns that fit.

(Eve Meredith and Donna Harris with tutor Alice Prier and Alvanon CEO Janice Wang)

Fashion Enter is recognised throughout the British fashion and textiles industry as a centre of excellence for sampling, grading and production, and for its role in cultivating fashion-related skills in Britain.

Alvanon hopes to improve the industry by providing the best research, tools and training to industry professionals, as well as to future generations entering the fashion industry.

(Eve Meredith and Donna Harris)

“In the past 15 years, we have lost technical skills and seen a lean towards the creative aspects of the fashion industry,” says Alvanon CEO Janice Wang“We hope to support the companies and academia that are teaching and training the practical, technical and tactile: the pattern makers, the technical designers and the sewing professionals.

Fashion Enter Founder and Chief Executive Jenny Holloway, whose academy produces at the high-street end of the market for retailers such as Mark & Spencer, ASOS and Finery London, says: Garment manufacturing today needs a skilled workforce and this is why we developed the Fashion Technology Academy to run intensive courses that are specifically skills related. We are also the leading fashion apprenticeship provider in England for Garment Technology too. Alvanon is the only company to date that recognises the importance of technicians and skills development and so it’s with very grateful thanks that we confirm five top-performing learners have received bursaries and can now continue to progress in their careers. Every bursary winner in now in employment thanks to Alvanon’s generosity.”

(Fashion Enter Founder and Chief Executive Jenny Holloway at the Factory)

Looking ahead at 2017,Alvanon plans to work with Fashion Enter in the coming months. Wang adds, “Alvanon is pleased to continue its support for Fashion Enter. It has been especially exciting to give this opportunity to the future makers of fashion. Without new talent the industry would struggle.”

In 2014, Alvanon donated £50,000 in technical fit forms – AlvaForms – to Fashion Enter’s London-based garment manufactures and training centre.  The tools and resources were donated as part of Alvanon’s own initiative to help restore technical skills to London and other global fashion hubs, including New York and Hong Kong.

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