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4 Plus Size Models that Revolutionized the Fashion Industry


1. Denise Bidot

A pioneer, Denise Bidot is the first ever plus-size model to have walked for two different brands in 2014 during the New York Fashion week. Denise moved to Los Angeles when she was younger, hoping to become an actress but she quickly realised casting directors were not casting her because of her weight. She then went on to a beauty school and became make-up artist before being spotted on a set by a famous photographer who ended up helping her breakthrough and becoming a successful model and highly inspirational figure. Since then, Denise has launched the There Is No Way to Be A Woman movement, to help bring her body accepting message across the world.

2. Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn now 34-years old has conquered catwalks all over the world. She has walked for some of the biggest brands and bagged some huge worldwide campaigns like H&M in 2012. She has also recently turned fashion designer, by creating a plus-size capsule collection for La Redoute. Now mother to a two-year-old, she’s still a successful model for IMG Internationals and her instagram account counts over 500k followers.

3. Ashley Graham

With her UK Vogue cover in January early this year, Ashley Graham is one of the biggest stars in the fashion world right now. She was the first ever plus-size model to appear on the cover of the prestigious magazine. Also a judge on America’s Next Top Model, Ashley is everywhere these days, preaching all women out there to love themselves, no matter the size.

4. Robyn Lawley

The Australian model Robyn Lawley, 28, was the first ever plus size model to appear on the cover of Vogue and GQ Australia. Another proud advocate for body positivity, she’s also a mom raising up her two-year old daughter. The Australian stunner has famously said: “I feel normal size-wise, I don’t consider myself plus-size, but rather like a model trying to help other women to feel good about their own bodies.” Robyn also recently vowed to embrace a more natural, makeup free face in order to highlight the fact that it was time-consuming and didn’t help people to accept and love their natural looks.

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