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What’s Trending This Week?


india whats trending 7 april 2017

Glossier – the ultimate cool-girl minimal makeup brand – is finally launching in the UK (and I CANNOT wait). Known for cult-products such as their Boy Brow eyebrow gel, Haloscope highlighter and Generation G lipsticks, this brand caters for all the girls out there who want anything but a ‘cake face’. Check out their beautifully curated Instagram – you will not regret it.

A certain Pepsi advert starring Kendall Jenner caused quite a stir this week. The commercial, entitled “Live For Now Moments Anthem”, sees “a caucasian, blonde, classically beautiful, affluent, kid born into celebrity” coming across a scene of protest, joining the crowd and approaching a line of police officers with a Pepsi can as a peace offering – who “probably isn’t the person you need to represent struggle and civil unrest,” critiqued Eric Thomas (a senior partner with Saga Marketing). Pepsi has now withdrawn and apologised for the advert; “Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding,” the company said in a statement to the Associated Press. “Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize.”

The BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion 2017 recipients were announced this week at Regent Street’s Café Royal with Palmer//Harding and Mother of Pearl sharing the £200,000 prize fund. The winners – deemed at a “pivotal stage” – will also receive a full mentorship programme through the British Fashion Council. “I am delighted that Amy, and Levi and Matthew, will be beneficiaries of this year’s award,” Alexandra Shulman, editor-in-chief of British Vogue and chair of the BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund commented. “Mother of Pearl and Palmer//Harding are very different in terms of the clothes they offer and the way they operate, but both convinced us that we were backing brands with strong potential who understood how they could grow and who had an exciting vision.”

Maybelline launched on new mascara ad-campaign on Tuesday, with Manny Gutierrez (aka THE YouTube beauty guru) starring as the first male face to appear in an advertisement for the brand. Progress indeed.

Jenna Lyons – the fashion superwomen responsible for reinvigorating classic American pieces with vivid colour and some much-needed embellishment – is departing her role at J Crew after 26 years as Creative Director and President; the decision came after a discussion with J Crew chief executive where they “agreed it was time for a change”. “It has been beyond my wildest dreams to work with such an amazing team of people at such an incredible brand and alongside Mickey — one of retail’s most talented visionaries… I am excited about the next chapter for J Crew as well as the opportunity for other creative leaders within the organisation to step up and take on new responsibilities,” Lyons gushed. “Having spent the better part of my life with J Crew, I feel an immense pride and love for everyone at the company.” The anticipation of her next move awaits.

Balmain announced a new CEO this week: Massimo Piombini, whose appointment takes immediate effect and aim is to take the company’s aesthetic to an even broader audience through “rethinking casual luxury”. “We want to put more denims, we want to bring more jersey in the collection, knitwear – something more casual, but still keeping it couture and luxury,” creative director Olivier Rousteing told WWD. “You know the Balmain customer for being really rock n roll or hip-hop style or pop star, but I think we’re going to open Balmain to different kinds of ages, different kinds of men, and this is really important. I’m known for the superstar Balmain, but I think now it’s time for Balmain to show another aspect, and this is what excites me.”

Fashion is an industry constantly rife with rumours – one that may have reached your ears recently was that Karl Lagerfeld (a massive champion of Slimane’s work at Dior Homme) is grooming Hedi Slimane as his Chanel heir. However, like many rumours, this – rather finally – seems not be the case as Chanel issued a statement this week stating: “The house of Chanel has no projects with Hedi Slimane,” the company told WWD today, adding, “Chanel doesn’t work on the launch of a Chanel menswear collection.” Moral of the story: don’t trust rumours (especially in the fashion industry) kids.

(Images from top to bottom: Glossier make-up brand, Pepsi advert starring Kendall Jenner, The BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion 2017 recipients Palmer//Harding and Mother of Pearl, Maybelline new mascara ad-campaign with Manny Gutierrez, Jenna Lyons, Balmain and Hedi Slimane with Karl Lagerfeld.)

By India Hunnikin

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