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What’s Trending This Week?


india whats trending 31 march 17

The news that JW Anderson is collaborating with Uniqlo on a high street collection was announced this week, sparking an internet-wide speculation of what exactly this collection would include; a version of the brand’s ‘IT item’ Pierce bag (let’s hope so!)? Adaptations of his stunning dresses? Or a whole new concepts entirely? “Collaborations are incredibly important in design,” said Anderson. “When I think of Uniqlo, I think of things that are perfectly made, that people have spent a lot of time considering; it’s a difficult job, and I think Uniqlo do it very well. Working with Uniqlo is probably the most incredible template of democracy in fashion, and it’s nice that my design can be accessible to anyone, on all different levels.” I CANNOT wait.

Sunday was the day of Mother’s Day, with every-other Instagram celebrating their mother’s many virtues; Victoria Beckham shared an image of the card Harper (her daughter) gave her, which included sentences such as ‘Hooray hooray for mummy’ accompanied with some rather adorable drawings of the two of them.

The LVMH Prize finalist line-up was released this week, with Molly Goddard (far right) and Nabil el Nayal (right) joining six other international young designers (Yoon Ahn; Antonin Tron; Cecilie Rosted Bahnsen; Maria Kazakova; Kozaburo Akasaka; and Marine Serre) to compete for the 4th annual award of €300,000 and a year-long mentorship. “This year’s selection clearly illustrates the existence of a truly international fashion, beyond borders,” said Delphine Arnault, vice president at LVMH. “I wish all the finalists good luck: it will be hard for the jury to decide between them during the final on June 16.”

When I saw the Daily Mail headline “Never Mind Brexit, Who Won Legs-It?” it filled me with a mix of anger, outrage, and disgust that can only be described as sickening – though sadly this headline is nothing new (remember the leather trousers? Or that cleavage dress?). Luckily others too objected to the trending #legsit, which decided to focus on the appearance and sexualisation of the two politicians, instead of the serious political meeting revolving around the complexities of Article 50 and Brexit taking place. Sex does sell – as the Daily Mail has attempted to use to its advantage by applying to politics – but what should be taken away from this is that these women are owning their own identities is such a male dominated arena, instead of trying to masquerade as something they are not. However the appearance of their legs has absolutely bloody nothing to do with their politics or the power of their minds, and the Daily Mail needs to get that straight.

This week the British Fashion Council announced the launch of The British High-End Manufacturers Database– which is a database of audited UK-based manufacturers created to make it easier for designers to form strong supply chains and fulfil their production units. Created as a result of the 2015 High-end and Designer Manufacturing Report, the free-to-use system forms part of the BFC Designer Fact File – which is a learning platform “providing insights and training across a wide spectrum of topics”. Coinciding with the trigger of Article 50 this week, this database is sure to be an invaluable resource should predicted fluctuations between the British pound and euro occur. Let’s hope it’s not too messy.

H&M is launching a new brand Arket early Autumn which “will offer a broad yet selected range of essentials for men, women and children, as well as a smaller, curated assortment for the home”, CEO Karl-Johan Persson explains. The focus of the brand is “simple, timeless and functional designs. There will be products in a broad price range, however in a slightly higher price segment than H&M with emphasis on materials, function and fit.” Arket, which means ‘sheet of paper’ in Swedish, represents H&M’s fresh foray into lifestyle – the stores are even set to include their own cafes.


By India Hunnikin


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