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Timeless Jewellery Design that Never Goes Out of Style



classic jewellery roxWhy such jewellery always sells

In these difficult economic times it is natural to think that no matter how good the quality of an object, people will not spend on something perceived as unnecessary. That is definitely not the case. Individuals want to spend some of their money on luxury items that make them feel good, and for women especially, jewellery achieves this. That is why jewellery retailers are not feeling the degree of financial pinch being experienced in some other retail sectors. 

Timeless designs for jewellery

Diamonds are always going to be in demand for their lasting value, as well as for their beauty. For example, when it comes to engagement rings, only a diamond, or preferably diamonds, will do. An engagement ring is normally worn for the rest of the woman’s life or as long as the marriage lasts, so it is important the style will not date – being suitable for one decade but too garish for another. A solitaire is often the first choice, and for those who want extra detail, this can be achieved with the setting, which can include intricate knotwork or swirls.

The quality of diamonds is key, so it is important these are sourced from quality suppliers, such as Jatin Mehta, whose family has been involved in the diamond industry since the 1960s. However, while diamonds will always be desirable, of course not everyone can afford a top of the range stone. To make diamond rings affordable for the majority of consumers, it may be necessary, indeed sensible, to create ranges made from manufactured gemstones. As these stones are manufactured and not dug out of the earth, they are much cheaper to produce and this saving can be passed on to the consumer.

When creating jewellery that is timeless, simplicity is key. Look at any classic item of jewellery and it will have clean lines, minimum colour and be made of quality materials. This is not only true for the usual items of women’s jewellery – rings, necklaces, and earrings – but also men’s accessories, such as the wristwatch. One of the timeless designs for a watch face is Roman numerals or simple lines on a gold or silver background, sometimes teamed with two or even three smaller dials. Modern watches may have extra bells and whistles, but the fundamentals remain the same.

It is worth noting that classic designs have become popular among fashion-conscious consumers because their reduced disposable income has led them to search charity shops and antique fairs, looking to pick up a classically styled item relatively cheaply.

To maintain jewelleries desirability as a luxury purchase it is important that designers and manufacturers remember that quality should always be at the forefront whatever the style.

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