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7 Top Software Skills in Fashion


Looking to upskill within your career sector? We take a look at seven of the most commonly used software packages within the fashion industry…


In Design is a creative software application by Adobe Software systems, which allows you to create page layouts in order to design posters, flyers, brochures, lookbooks, magazines, newspapers and books. The application also includes some Photoshop features enabling you to be extra creative with the page design.


Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics program popular within the design industries. Vector graphics are simply digital images comprised of pixels. Illustrator allows you to technologically enhance, edit, distort or adjust imagery. The application is a professional tool used for design, video and website projects. Some of its features include sophisticated drawing tools, drawing enhancements, advance typography, shape builder tool, stroke adjustments as well as gradient and transparency alterations.


Adobe Photoshop is an advanced digital editing program. Many of its features allow you to precisely alter text, graphics and images, experiment with various painting effects, change backgrounds, create 3D objects and designs and use enhancement tools to remove unwanted details. Photoshop is ideal for creating web and social media visuals.


Speed Step is the provider of software solutions within fashion design, merchandising and product data management in the textiles industry.

The Speed Step package consists of two pieces of computer-aided design software for textiles and graphic design, which are ProSketch and ProPainter.

ProSketch is a vector drawing software program enabling designers to use its tools, library functions and interface to create new styles, or modify and reuse existing drawings. Its features also allow you to add dimensions with labels to your drawing relating to the size specifications and precise productions

The Pro Painter program allows you to create or modify garment colour or pattern styles. The software can offer you a virtual look at the final garment design before sampling is made. It is also possible to import drawings from ProSketch to add fabric designs or logos, and scan in designs, patterns or materials to help chose the final design. Expensive errors are reduced with this program by producing accurate product information.


The Vetigraph CAD systems include the programs VetiExpert Pattern and Design Solution, and the VetiExpert Marker Solution.

The Pattern and Design Solution software allows you to perform tasks such as pattern alterations, creating and developing patterns and styles, pattern grading, working out length variations, measuring pattern widths as well as copying existing grading rules to new patterns. The program also has many other features and tools to generate and work on patterns during garment construction.

The Marker Solution software assists with stretching or narrowing the width of fabric and displays production data such as, fabric efficiency, average cutting time, total length of marker, average fabric utilization and a calculation of the average cutting time.


Telestia Creator CAD software comprises of several modules including Pattern Cutting, Fashion Design, and Pattern Grading.

The Telestia Creator CAD software is based on the Telestia methodologies that provide accurate patterns with perfect fit, tried over thousands of users worldwide for more than 40 years.

Forget the tedious technical functions included in most CAD systems, moving you away from pattern creation to struggling to learn complex systems.

With easy to use functions you will be able to draft patterns and designs quickly and accurately, without drifting away from the creative process.


The world’s leading apparel brands depend on Gerber Technology’s innovative AccuMark® 11 software to design, develop and market their products as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Create efficient spread and cut plans that fit with your unique production environment.  Powerful, but flexible: AccuPlan makes the most of your existing marker library to optimize your workflow while saving labor and material cost.

 Save steps and reduce errors using smart pattern making tools in AccuMark.  Easily communicate design details and information outside of AccuMark using new integration tools with YuniquePLM®.

By visualizing your samples in AccuMark 3D, you can make design decisions quickly without the time and resources it takes to make sample garment.  Instantly make pattern changes and adjust image locations effortlessly on the virtual sample.

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