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10 Positive Reasons Why To Buy Belles


After years of mentoring, advising and producing for high street and high end brands the Fashion Enter team decided it was high time to create an in-house brand with a difference. Meet the Belles of London; made up of a collective of Fashion Enter women of varying ages, sizes and each with their own unique sense of style.

Three Belles initially launched the concept: Jenny Holloway, Caroline Ash and Jenni Sutton and more Belles will join the collective as the season’s progress.

So why shop Belles? We have 10 good reasons:

  1. Fabrics where possible are sourced within the UK.
  2. All garments are designed, made and finished in London.
  3. The Fashion Enter manufacturing unit is SMETA and Fast Forward approved.
  4. All Fashion Enter staff are treated with respect and fairly paid.
  5. The company is transparent and accountable.
  6. Made to order – we can adapt styles to fit specific measurements.
  7. The company is non-discriminate and provides equal opportunities for all.
  8. Fashion Enter adheres to good environmental practises.
  9. The company offers additional learning and life skill opportunities.
  10. Belles Fab Friday: each Friday we invite you in to see Belles garments being ethically made. Come and see for yourself!

If you would like to visit and see what we are all about please email hello@bellesoflondon.com and specify your Friday date and time.

Shop Belles of London

Read all about the launch of brand Belles as published in Drapers



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