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Fashion Studio Client – Kotys


As the summer holidays are almost concluding, it’s time to banish the bikinis for another year and embrace a new season of workwear sartorial pieces that will accelerate a newly found self-empowerment for the year ahead. Whether you’re embarking on a fresh occupation, starting a new course or returning back to your day job, your clothing aesthetic plays a fundamental role in how you choose to present yourself to the world.

At the Fashion Studio, we’re thrilled to be working with an exciting amalgamation of brands – none more so than Kotys, who coincide perfectly with the back to work season; a label that specifically designs powerful garments for the woman who always desires to be stylish and sophisticated.

Keeping workwear simple and sophisticated is what the brand believes in, creating a classic, chic look that emits beauty from the inside out and ensuring that each woman shines comfortably. Stating on their website: – “For the Kotys woman, it’s about being comfortable and fashionable with sustainable products that will look fabulous in your closet for years to come. Our passion? Sleeved dresses, simply because elegance is defined by wearing them.”

As mentioned, sustainability transpires as a key factor in the brand’s success and ethos, where they effortlessly engage in combining attractive quality garments that are ethical and are thus kind to the planet. Kotys excellently executed workwear aims to be mindful to people and the planet for the foreseeable, constructing pieces that are created in factories sourced for fabric and production in equal measures. The label has attained multiple awards that echo this conscious behaviour. Additionally, Kotys identifies innovative sustainability, therefore applies it as a guide to their evolution.

Partnering with London-based seamstresses is what the brand excels in. Applying Kotys handcrafted patterns that complement and highlight the womanly shape to form comfort and style, as well as offering the consumer the opportunity to take advantage of their customised tailoring service that provides you with an original finish and aesthetic that means business.

“Since conception, we’ve been focused on doing one thing right: creating that perfect sleeved dress that will look beautiful on each and every woman. The garments are made-to-wear, translated into clean lines and luxurious fabrics that fit YOUR body, no exceptions.”

At Kotys, you’ll discover clean lines, luxurious fabrications as well as intricate details amid their designs that will radiate buoyancy and superiority into your workwear wardrobe.

Now you’ve got your outfits sorted, why not explore the many exciting courses and masterclasses we currently have to offer anybody who wishes to delve into the world of fashion and textiles – https://www.fashioncapital.co.uk/events/. What are you waiting for?

Words by Katie Farley


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