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Vjera Vilicnik




Hand crafted, beautifully investigated and soul stitched.


The philosophy behind the brand, and the way the pieces are made.

The designer behind the brand, Vjera Vilicnik, obtained a masters degree in fashion design in London, and London is a big inspiration of brands design. Wonderful and awkward city where dreams get twisted and come true.



Two years ago Vjera moved to Paris for a year and trained in haute couture embroidery school Ecole Lesage, the last remaining house of haute couture embroidery dating from 19th century. Ecole Lesage is the house that works with Dior, Chanel, Lacroix couture collections.


With the skills of hand crafting, the pieces are made, and each garment is a personal dedication, each piece has a  story and it becomes a friend on the journey of its creation.


Vjera Vilicnik believes in quality over quantity, in hand crafting and being honest in your designs.


Each creation is beautifully investigated and there are no cracks, no hidden horrors-  the label is  fully committed in  offering a unique and long lasting piece to its customers.


Vjeras favourite pastime is making chiffon flowers and choosing feathers and beads. She grew up with her grandmother and learned to appreciate hands as the most extraordinary tools we have.

If she could choose who to dress it would be a quiet librarian, woman from the park that feeds pigeons dressed in beautiful clothes, a woman who sings to her children and dances the night away on loud music.


Vjera Vilicnik loves making clothes. It is so simple. Making them the best they can be done.


A perfect day- a day with  feathers, beads, crystals, threads. Creation is what pushes  the label  forward, constant quest for more beautiful, more intricate.


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