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Tiffany Cooper for Karl Lagerfeld


For his latest he invited French cartoonist Tiffany Cooper to create a capsule collection featuring her signature illustrations of Karl and his famous pet Choupette. Karl is known for his humour and self-mockery and Tiffany captures this fun side with her quirky illustrative portrayals.

T-shirts and sweatshirts dotted with patches feature images of the couturier executing a frenzied dance before the eyes of the rather nonplussed cat. The duo also plays pretend-we’re-Indians in a summer camp tent before noshing on some oversized ice-creams and milkshakes and then sauntering off on roller-skates towards new adventures.

Karl Largerfeld Tiffany Cooper

The playful illustrations decorate totes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, caps and accessories. Recently debuting at Colette in Paris the capsule range is now available via www.monnierfreres.co.uk  

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