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FashionCapital at Proud Camden


Proud Camden

Proud Camden

Proud Camden

The Fashion Team

Each month Fashion Capital & Fashion Enter will be showcasing ‘Cutting Edge Designs’ from their range of new & emerging designers. 

Fashion Capital the UK’S no.1 fashion portal, combined with Fashion Enter in September 2006 to ensure a full offer of complete business support for new & emerging fashion designers.  

Fashion Enter has a network of boutiques, the fashion event Profile, an agency Representing, PR Dispensary Service and allows members to have ongoing mentoring and business advice  sessions. The amalgamation of the two businesses has provided one of the most powerful forces in fashion today. Not only do we have Croydon to thank for producing the UK’s most celebrated style icon of the Century; Miss Kate Moss, another string to the unlikely borough’s bow can be found nestled away within the newly developed Centrale Shopping Centre and the traditional Allders department store. FASHION Enter and FashionCapital.co.uk boutique’S play host to a scrumptious assortment of the UK’s finest up and coming raw designer talent, attracting both consumers and buyers alike to view the stunning selection of over 40 designers’ fabulous collections.    

Fashion enter and fashioncapital.co.uk are a haven of hidden treasures for those who dare to be different.  Every woman is born with the right to express their individuality, FASHION Enter and FashioNCAPITAL.CO.UK BOUTIQUE’S encourages women to cherish their uniqueness.  Showcasing a sumptuous selection of lovingly hand made one off pieces you can always guarantee traffic stopping results for all the right reasons.  The reign of cheap High Street fashion is drawing to a rather abrupt close and the rise of the refined independents is set to rule the retail kingdom with grace, quality and care; just as you’d expect from the creators of your clothes. Contact:  JADE@FASHION-ENTER.COM

The Lookbookfactory

Betsie Dsane & the LookBookFactory are one of the official ‘Fat Talent LIVE’ fashion show sponsors. Each month Betsie will be putting forwardAspiring Models to feature in the showcase. Betsie say’s…I have worked with the best and I can give up-n-coming talent an insight into the standards which are required  when working with designers  such as Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano ,  I can prepare them for making  robust  decisions  when working  alongside  empowered women like Madonna . I can give a sneak preview of my life as a Supermodel.  “Becoming a model is the easy part maintaining the professionalism that I have become accustomed to is an art”

Betsie  has a naturally drive to succeed having  worked her way to the top as an international supermodel and actress Bêtise sets the bar high at The lookbookfactory and wants to attract an acquired calibre of girls that ooze style putting the” je nas cest quai “ back in the fashion world.

James Mok

Liza Smith & James Mok from Bodylines are the official nail technicians for Fat Talent LIVE

James Mok has over 3yrs experience as a professional nail tech for Liza Smith at Bodylines .James has lead campaigns and worked in Liza's creative team on shoots with Louis Vuitton  Dolce Gabbana , Vogue and Tatler . James takes pride in his work and is one of the UK reps for the Beyonce's look with Minx nails this summer. James is a natural artist he can produce the finest art work on original nail beads free hand and sculpt nails to perfection.  James is trained by UK ambassador for CND and celebrity Nail technician Liza Smith. Liza adds " I have entrusted James with leading the team at London fashion week , and I often call upon him for his expert opinion on creative  projects with my celebrity clientele as he demonstrates  professionalism and has a great passion about him." 

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