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At 2.30pm friends of Lois and Jemima, as well as Croydon shoppers and FE regulars, started to turn up to be pampered. They all got there make up done, styled into clothes that complimented their figures, and then got the chance to go into the Fashion Icon Studio, where there was a photographer waiting to take some professional shoots of the girls looking great.


Each girl had a few different outfit changes to make them feel that extra bit special.


If you didn’t get the chance to go along to the Party, then do not worry as there will be plenty more opportunities for you to come along to one in the future, as there will be one every month from now on.


To keep updated and informed about the Boutique Stylist Makeover Parties why not add us on Facebook 'Fash Ion Capital' or 'Bou Tique'???

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