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Fashion capital @ Hackney



The borough which is just on the border with the fashionable Shoreditch town is going to be the next place for the fashion and artistic types. With London College of fashion being based here and a great fashion production history it is the perfect location for us to introduce the latest in up and coming design talent. We have chosen the Hoxton and Dalston areas to focus on as possibilities for the new boutique. Hoxton is hoping to run a market for artist and fashion types similar to that at Spitisfield market. Hoxton is also seeing a regeneration project in the area.  


We are hoping to open up a boutique similar to that at Croydon and Barking where we sell the stock of the up and coming designers. We really want this boutique to be full of talent and have a great atmosphere. We want this boutique to stand out for its shop fit style and the designers we hold. From this base we will also be running workshops and educational projects in conjunction with Hackney council. This will be similar to projects we have done in the past in Croydon and Barking but on a larger scale. We hope to run workshops on production as well as retail. We will offer work experience and a training scheme to the local Hackney people. With our expertise in retail, production and all things fashion we hope to find the latest talent in the Hackney area.


This week I have been to Hackney and was kindly shown around 16 units which could be possibilities for us to house this project. This was a great opportunity to get to know the area. It has a great atmosphere and is a great combination of historical buildings and modern sophisticated new builds. There are reminders every where of the fashion production history that Hackney has. The area is full of artistic types and the locals are lovely and friendly. I am sure this is a great location for the new project. Hackney is currently the only borough council to not have large businesses on the books such as big super market chains which I think says a lot for the council. They are very keen to show support local businesses and local people. They support local and independent businesses.


After my visit I have narrowed it down to 5 possible units with 2 in particular in mind. I hope to be visiting the area again shortly choosing the unit and putting this plan in to action. The aim is to have this boutique open by October. This is a project we are very excited about at Fashion Enter and look forward to extending our retail and educational area of the industry into the most up and coming area of London.


Megan Cook


General retail Manager

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