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Update: Croydon Boutique





I feel that the Croydon Boutique has a lot of potential and can offer Croydon shoppers more. So I have been beginning to revive the boutique starting with the shop floor. We have begun to transcend to Autumn/Winter wear especially now that the sun has seemed to have disappeared and has started raining.

This season’s colour palette has a mixture of browns, tan, and neutral pinks and lilacs. So we have been bringing out the coats, as it is one of the major trends of this winter. Layering up is definitely back and so is dressing for the climate.


Digital Voodoo have joined our boutique. They specialize in unisex t-shirts high-definition graphics embellished with hematite rhinestone gemstone crucifixes. They can also be found on the website soon.

Today I made a trip to central London just off Oxford Street where an Italian design Nico Didonna is based. He has many classical pieces which would work well at the Croydon boutique and many interchangeable dresses to suit any body and shape.



His tailoring defines every piece of this A/W 2010 collection. He avoids over-locking to create each garment to its fullest potential that it could almost be worn inside out. Each panel and every cut is suited to its wearer and adapted to fit the body well. That makes Nico-di unique in his work.

 I will be updating as the changes continue at the Croydon Boutique.


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